Small Kitchen? No Problem!

All you can afford to buy is a small apartment or home. We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve recently moved into a tiny home by choice or your pocketbook picked the place, small spaces can be tricky to keep clean and open. This is never more apparent than in the kitchen. Many of us live lives that revolve around food. Most cultures spend hours preparing their favorite foods with pride- and with enough to serve the whole neighborhood in some cases! Though this may not be the case with your home, it’s nice to at least have a place to put everything. What do you do, then, when every drawer is full and every cabinet is overflowing? It’s not feasible to have your kitchen spill out into other rooms for any length of time, so we have a few tips that can help you to keep your cool while your kitchen refuses to grow.

If you are renting, most of these tips may not apply since some tips require changes to the basic layout or appliances. There are still many ways to get around the pesky dimensions you have been dealt. Homeowners, however, may want to set some money aside to make a few switches that will open up the space more permanently. These ideas range in price, but they can all be done in their own time, so it’s possible to work your way to a more efficient kitchen without breaking the bank.

Many appliance makers are coming out with more energy efficient products. This is a great way to cut down on utilities in the long run, but that is just a perk compared to the fact that they are creating them in smaller sizes as well as regular and oversized appliances. This means that they can fit more snugly in a small kitchen and can give you more space for counters, storage, and other awesome things. It may be time to upgrade your oven to a slightly smaller, yet more efficient version.

Though downsizing appliances may be a great way to add more workable space, it’s not the only trick we’ve got up our sleeves. Many existing kitchens rely on cabinet space to hold plates, cups, and smaller appliances. This can be good if the cabinets are large enough and have shelving at the proper heights, but it can also be slightly overwhelming to the eye and can be difficult to maintain a good storage system if not done correctly. Why not consider taking out the upper cabinets and trading them for open shelving? Not only do shelves give the illusion of more space, but they can be a great way to show off your fabulous dishware and sleek appliances. Even taking out one or two upper cabinets in favor of shelving can be a big step towards a more visually freeing kitchen concept. The kicker is that if shelves are the way to go for your kitchen remodel, then it’s important to put things away where they go or it can cause a traffic jam of clutter for your eyes which can become overwhelming.

If your microwave isn’t a built-in microwave, it may be time to upgrade. Standing microwaves cause problems because they take up counter space that could be used for food preparation, plus they often have a few inches of space above them before there is an upper cabinet. Very rarely is that space utilized for anything other than collecting dust, so if installing your microwave above your stove isn’t an option, at least figure out a way to effectively use every inch of the kitchen to your advantage.

In the case of a joined kitchen and dining space, there’s a chance that a dining table could encroach on the precious little amount of kitchen space available. Why not build a small kitchen bar into the space? Bar stools and a small bar can be a great way to allow for eating without needing to make room for a full sized table and chairs. Though this may not be the best option for homes with many residents, it can be great for you if it’s just you and your cat, or you and one or two other folks. Plus, the extra space can be used to build a bit more shelving or just as open space to help the kitchen area seem more spacious. Visual space can help relax the mind and trick it into thinking that the room is larger than it is.

If you have purchased a home that has some extra garage space or even a small shed that has been wired to have electricity, it may be worth your money to buy a small freezer or another refrigerator. Many people stock up on food products only to come home and find that not all of the groceries fit. Having the extra cooling space, or even extra shelving in either of these areas can ease the load on your pantry. Plus, extra places to store dried goods and frozen foods means that you can take advantage of those case lot sales without having to put extra cans of beans in random locations throughout your house.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t need to be the end of the world, nor should it be a blight on your home. A bit of inventiveness can lead to a beautiful space that feels much bigger than it actually is. Give everything a place and you’ll find that whatever amount of space you have is can be enough.


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