Shoshone Falls

Snake River ValleyAmong the most impressive sights in the Western region of the United States and located approximately 130 miles Southeast of Boise, Idaho, Shoshone Falls has been aptly dubbed, the Niagara Falls of the West.  With its 1,000 feet wide rim and a stunning free fall over the Snake River Valley of 212 feet (approximately 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls) Shoshone Falls is a dynamic feature of Southern Idaho.  Many of our potential buyers find Shoshone Falls an enjoyable side trip on their visit to see Idaho Real Estate.

The Shoshone Falls have been a major geologic feature of the Snake River Valley since at least the time of the last ice age.  The name “Shoshone” is translated The Valley People for the tribe of Indians that settled in the Snake River region of southern Idaho according to the historical documentation of Lewis and Clark.   The history of the falls has been further impacted by the hydroelectric power plant, of which construction began at the turn of the 21st century.  The proximity of the Shoshone Falls to Boise is a benefit for outdoors those who are looking for property in and around the Boise, Idaho area. (Photo above- Snake River) 

For those prospective home buyers and property investors who are looking to make the most of their purchase by featuring the outdoors appeal of the region, these added features make the region suitable for all:

Park in Idaho·    Golfing at multiple municipal and private courses
·    Fly-fishing (there are up to fourteen species of fish native to the region)
·    Picnicking
·    Skiing
·    Camp grounds
·    Historical landmarks dating back at least to the expedition of Lewis and Clark

Located within the boundaries of Twin Falls Park, the Shoshone Falls make a spectacular backdrop to the Snake River Valley and can be viewed at their peak during the Spring months when the snow melts or after a particularly rainy Winter season.  Located five miles east of the city of Twin Falls, Idaho and about 130 miles southeast of the state’s capital, Boise, the Shoshone Falls makes it easy to commune with and appreciate nature.

Investors seeking Boise homes, Meridian property, or other Idaho real estate near the area will find easy access to nature an added enhancement for property values.  Owned and operated by the city of Twin Falls, Twin Falls Park overlooks the Shoshone Falls and the city has worked hard to ensure that visitors to the park can enjoy the Shoshone Falls experience by contracting with Idaho Hydroelectric Power to ensure maximum viewing ability of the falls by reducing production during the daylight hours.  The hiking routes with views of the falls are made to accommodate those with handicap, purposely designed and rated as “easy” wherever possible. 

The easy drive out of Boise begins on interstate highway 84 east and continues towards Twin Falls on 93 south.

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