Shopping Local in Downtown Boise and East Boise


There are a number of places to spend your money on fun and unique items, as well as locally grown food in both Downtown Boise and East Boise. Here are a few of the local favorites that you might enjoy the most:

Capitol City Public Market- This market is open every Saturday in the months of April through December. It is a farmers market that sells everything from crisp fruits and vegetables to sweetly made baked goods and honey. Each of these products are grown or made fresh by the locals, so they are sure to be a specialty every time! To make things even better, the market booths also sell wares from local craftspeople like art and jewelry. If you’re interested in visiting the area, the market is usually in Downtown Boise, running along Idaho Street, and also west from Grove Street along 8th Street.

Cravin’s Candy Emporium - Found on the east side of Boise, this candy shop is the sweetest spot in town (pun intended!). It’s a locally owned neighborhood store with about 24 different flavors of gelato and offers a great selection of handcrafted chocolates, hot and cold beverages, and candy that will take you back to the good old days. There is also a machine where you can create your own flavor of jumbo pixie sticks! This is a wonderful place to satisfy a sweet tooth, so come on in and enjoy a sugar rush!

Proof Eyeware - This little shop is hard to find in Downtown Boise at first, though it is an ideal place to get an awesome pair of glasses or shades. It all started from an idea by three brothers and was presented on the show Shark Tank! Now, look how far it has come! The eyeglasses themselves are handcrafted out of wood, making it an eco-friendly accessory. The shop also sells shirts and other items, such as hats and other merchandise with the logo on it. It’s open six days a week and is a fun place to go explore! You can also take a Polaroid picture of yourself and have it hung up in the store!

Boise Art Glass - This shop in Downtown Boise is not only a great art store, but it is also an opportunity to make your own glass art! Owned by a professional artist, this shop showcases fine glass products and handmade items, such as chandeliers, sculptures, jewelry, and more! You can customize your item in any way you want, or you can make one of your own by taking one of the classes. The shop offers the supplies, torch/furnace rentals, and live demonstrations along with the classes to make the experience even more amazing. It is definitely a place worth visiting!

Tuesday Morning - If you are wanting something more for your home rather than yourself, this is the shop to find high-quality, unique, and well-designed home decor. Tuesday Morning Eastgate Shopping Center is the place to find domestic, international, designer, and name-brand items. Find everything from furniture, bedding, bath, toys, crafts, and more to bring home the ideal piece to satisfy your homing needs. This store can be found on East Boise Avenue on the eastern side of Boise.

City Peanut Shop - Located in Downtown Boise, this little shop is stocked with unique items and different flavors of nuts, with plenty of great options to choose from! Everything is handcrafted, and you can sample each of them before you buy them (you may be a little thirsty after trying a handful). You can also buy wonderful tasting peanut butter for your classic peanut butter and huckleberry jam sandwich! There are even bins filled with nuts if you choose to buy one as a gift for a friend, and they have an online store to make things easier if you’d prefer not to go in person. Most of these products can also be found in many of the local restaurants, so there are many ways to try them out! Obviously, all these products have nuts in them, so be careful if you or anyone you know has food allergies!

The Chocolat Bar - This chocolate shop is another place in this part of Boise that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in no time! It has its own special blends of milk and dark chocolate, and each of their truffles and barks are made from scratch. The caramels are also made from scratch and can be paired easily with any of the chocolates for a sweet and salty snack. This is another store that is also full of samples and friendly service, so go ahead and try as much as your heart desires!

G. Willikers Toy Merchant- Want to get a nice gift for a friend, or just want to get something of your own? This toy shop in Downtown Boise is ideal for all ages, whether you are young or young at heart! Filled with new, as well as classic toys, you will be sure to have a wonderful time, even if it is only to browse the wares. Go back in time, and rediscover your childhood! Also, if you go during Neighborhood Toy Store Day (which is November 14), you could get a discount off of anything in the store!

Atomic Treasures - This thrift shop holds a grand collection of retro and vintage treasures to put into any home, big or small. Some stuff may seem weird at first glance, but you would be surprised at what amazing things you will find! Get anything from clothes, jewelry, books, collectibles, and more. It’s the ideal place to get a gift for a friend or neighbor during any occasion! Atomic Treasures is definitely another place to be nostalgic, so go back in time and have fun!

Hopefully, this list has given you a great start in your shopping experience in Downtown and East Boise. Come on down and take a trip down memory lane, or try some samples of fresh, handmade sweets. The choice is yours!


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