Shocking Real Estate Facts

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What's the Secret?

An unspoken marketing secret has been circulating in the real estate community and it's affecting property sales. Everyone is aware of the tools used to promote the purchase of homes and land. It's all about prospects. Whether they come in the form of buyers or houses; real estate has always been about lead generation and making the sale. What if I told you the newspaper ads, post cards, websites, and signs we're familiar with aren't important? There's something else driving the housing market. And, the best part is, it's invisible.

A Buyer's Impulse: How Persona Marketing Works

Yes, an important aspect of selling houses is generating leads; without buyers there would be no jobs for real estate agents. Traditional marketing methods ensure this relationship continues, but they are not the reason it thrives and multiplies. To understand sales longevity you need the hidden piece of the puzzle.

Living Room

Have you ever witnessed an interaction between colleagues that have had a business connection for a decade or more and caught yourself wondering where it all stems from? Why do we take recommendations from people we hardly know about restaurants, housing, or business ventures? The answer is persona marketing.

Persona marketing is the silent lure that draws you in. It's what makes you seek out social and professional connections. What a person wears, how they speak, how they smell-believe it or not-is all marketing. These non-verbal factors create an invisible impulse to connect with one another. That impulse fuels your motivations, associations, and sense of loyalty. When an agent gains the understanding and ability to create this impulse and hones it, it translates to purchases.

Brand Loyalty and Reputation Building

This shocking fact changes how you look at real estate. It's about more than passing out information and sending listings to targeted prospects. Image and promotional materials will always be part of it, but the real purchase power is in the non-verbal brand appeal real esate agents learn to uncover.

When you walk into a real estate office it's all about brand appeal. From your surroundings to how you're treated they want to emphasize that in everything you see and hear. The loyalty it develops directly affects their consumer growth. How you respond to persona marketing will dictate the agent's reputation.

The proof of persona marketing success is in what people are telling other people about a business. Think about it for a minute. When you've had a great experience-especially when it involved accomplishing something big-didn't you want to tell your friends about it? In doing so, part of the brand loyalty you have will pass to them and sooner or later they will walk in the door. Persona marketing is the secret behind generating real estate sales.

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