Shhh, We're Going Birding in Idaho

An Example of an Idaho BirdInvestors in Idaho Real Estate who have an interest in birding will be pleased to know that they do not have to travel far to find the best bird watching sites, because Idaho has some great sites sites along the Idaho Birding Trail and a great variety of birds to observe. 

What is the Idaho Birding Trail?
The Idaho Birding Trail is actually a network of trails that stretch about two thousand miles with one hundred and seventy five great birding sites and a diversity of habitats.  The Idaho Birding Trail is a product of Idaho Fish and Game’s Watchable Wildlife Program.

North Region:
The Idaho Birding Trail has its northern trail-head in the marshes and cottonwood groves of Creston Valley where one can observe a host of birds from the Yellow Warbler to the Cedar Waxwing.  The trail meanders through conifer mountains past glacial lakes and across the rolling Palouse Prairie to the Polluck-Little Salmon River where Idaho Home owners or visitors can observe the Belted Kingfisher or the White-headed Woodpecker in the trees.

East Central Region
The East Central Region of the Idaho Birding Trail begins at Deadwater Slough near North Fork.  The trail explores the heart of Idaho with its stunning peaks and whitewater rivers.  If one looks carefully he may spot a Bald Eagle in flight or find its massive nest in the tops of the trees.  Deadwater Slough has prime riparian habitat where Idahoans can enjoy their bird-watching past time.  This section of the trail travels through twenty-seven great birding sites, ending at Galena Pass near Stanley where one can search for the majestic Golden Eagle.

A Prime Birdwatching ViewSouthwest Region
The juniper topped mountains surrounding the Snake River Plain and sagebrush deserts make up this portion of the trail and travels from the Brundage Subloop through conifer and spruce-fir forests where Idaho Real Estate Investors can find nuthatches and woodpeckers to the Big Cottonwood Wildlife Management Area near Oakley where one can find the Juniper Titmouse and Western Scrub-jay.

Southeast Region
Idahoans in the Southeast Region of the trail have forty-seven different birding sites to choose from.  It stretches from the Mackay Reservoir where one can observe waterfowl to Henry’s Lake Subloop where Red-tailed, Ferruginous and Swainson’s hawks can be observed.

Idaho Real Estate Investors can have their pick of some premier birding sites. Whether you are determined to find a certain bird or are looking for the peace and solitude a day out birding will provide, Idaho has both.

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