Selling your home quickly


There are a few things you can do to speed up the process, if you need to sell your home quickly.

The first step in getting your home ready to sell is being prepared for a buyer’s visit. Imagine what you want your house to be as a whole and then make every detail contribute to the whole. Make every room in the house look its best. The interior and exterior of your home should be in tip-top shape.

The first thing you need to do to the interior is clean. Though this step may seem obvious, it is imperative. Clean everything on the surface and also perform a deep cleaning.

After the basic cleaning is done, organize your closets and other storage places. If you clear out half of everything in storage spaces, it will invite the buyer to imagine living there with their things in place.

Next, depersonalize the decor. Pack away pictures, collections, and personal trophies. This allows them to not feel like they are simply visiting your home.

If you have a pet, you should get rid of any signs of it before a buyer comes. Vacuum up all fur and anything else that might suggest a pet living there. The day before a buyer comes, ask a friend to take care of your pet and hide anything that would show that you have a pet.  Even though you will likely tell the buyer that you have had a pet, you don't want new owners being reminded of that. 

After everything is clean and clutter-free, start repairing. Fill in nail holes, fix wall cracks, and repair anything that is damaged. Fix broken torn window screens, leaky faucets, and broken floor tiles. All doors and windows should be able to be easily opened. Make sure that appliances around the house are in working order. If you want to be extra careful, get a pre-sale inspection on your home and then make the changes listed. Then, make a list of those changes in your disclosure form. This can actually encourage the buyer when they see that you’ve made improvements to your home.

If the walls look old or dingy, consider painting. But as you do this, make sure that you use neutral colors. If the rooms in your house are too personalized, they may alienate the potential buyer. You might like an orange wall with blue trims, but many potential buyers won’t.  Don't forget: if you need to make many repairs and changes, it will be necessary to clean again after the repairs.

After the cleaning and repairs are done, stage your home. Add decor that invites the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. If you struggle with this step, consider hiring someone to stage your home for you. Your Hughes Group, agent will add helpful suggestions in getting your home into top shape and can help you find a respected home stager.  Stage the interior of your home in such a way that will appeal to the most people. If you have the money, hiring a professional stager to get your home ready can be well worth their cost.

Finally, before you invite a buyer into your home, know that lighting is very important. Make sure that the interior of your home looks bright and inviting. Open blinds and make sure all the light bulbs are working.

Every detail on the interior of your home is important. The exterior of the home is almost more important than the interior. Your landscaping should invite a potential buyer into the home.

Evaluate what needs to be done before you start work on the exterior. See what stands out and fix anything that might deter from your home’s presence.

The outside of your home gives the first impression to the buyer. Depending on how the outside of your home looks it will either make the buyer excited or dread going inside your house. Landscape your yard to reflect the desired nature of the house that will make the buyer excited to see more.

Curb appeal is very important as the buyer drives up. The first impression will sometimes overpower any other impressions. Landscaping is very important. Make sure your lawn looks well groomed and your flower bed well cared for. Add mulch, weed where needed, and make your front yard looks its best.

Make sure the front entryway is clean. Sweep any dirt away and get rid of any cobwebs.

Online Presence
You need to get your home up online once your home is ready for a buyer to visit. In today’s housing market, more than 90% of buyers begin their search for a home online.  The Hughes Real Estate Group is Idaho's experts at using the internet to find and sell excellent properties.  Sellers can harness the strongest and most visible websites in Idaho, to get incredible exposure for their home, all with the helping hand of a tech-focused agent.  Your agent will take pictures of all the rooms in your house and get them up online.

When you list your home, price it at its value. Don’t overprice in order to give yourself wiggle room. This will detract potential buyers. If you want to sell it quicker, list your house at 15% lower than the price of similar houses selling in your area in order to have it be an eye-catcher.

If you have been trying to sell your house for more than a month or two, you may want to try to take down the listing and then re-list your home the next day.

If you take the proper steps in getting ready to sell your home, the process should not be as complicated as it first seemed. Though things will arise that weren’t exactly expected, if you stay on the path of selling, you should be able to move quickly and effectively.

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