See Idaho’s Scenery from Your Living Room


Idaho’s geography includes part of the largest mountain range in North America, the Rocky Mountains, and the majority of the Snake River Plain. Canyons, glacial lakes, waterfalls, natural hot springs, and rivers fill the landscape. Each of these features is full of a variety of habitats, wildlife species, recreation opportunities, and people of various lifestyles, making Idaho real estate some of the most valuable in the United States. Idaho’s complexity is a treasure to its citizens. But how can anyone possibly enjoy all the wonders Idaho has to offer? Through the Outdoor Idaho program.

What is It?

Currently in its 30th season, Outdoor Idaho is a public television program that airs every week. It features trips to the furthest corners of Idaho, accessed by horse, river boat, and even foot. Not only do they capture Idaho’s scenic landscapes, but they also occasionally feature Idaho’s citizens, be they farmers, ranchers, businessmen, or artists. Learn why Idaho is so famous for its spuds and how they are grown. Or take a virtual tour of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. Professional photographers capture film of each place, scientists analyze resource and environmental issues involved with the locations in question, and a team of writers and editors synthesize a beautiful representation of the heart of Idaho. Watch a fat rock-chuck build its home on the vast Snake River Plain, or a mountain lion stretch its claws on the glacial peaks of Idaho’s wilderness. It also provides an insider’s perspective of Idaho real estate, as viewers can see the qualities associated with regions of the state they are interested in. If you are interested in Boise, you can tour the camping sites and popular weekend destinations close by and learn about the wildlife you’ll likely see. You can see the rewards of living in the great state of Idaho without spending the gas money for an extended tour.idahocabin5_350

Community Involvement

Outdoor Idaho does not only bring Idaho to its citizens, it encourages them to go and explore as well. A monthly photography and painting competition, named Iconic Idaho, features pictures submitted by Idahoans. Instead of simply viewing Idaho from the comfort of your home, go out into Idaho’s wilderness and see it for yourself. At the end of each month, winners are selected and their photos are posted to Outdoor Idaho’s Facebook page. You, too, can participate if you choose Idaho real estate, since the contest is open to every Idahoan. In addition to introducing you to Idaho’s landscapes, you can learn the skills of an outdoorsman by traveling to those places.

Idaho real estate, wherever you choose to live, is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wonderful people. Outdoor Idaho is an excellent resource for your study now, and for your enjoyment as an Idaho citizen. Consult one of our phenomenal agents to begin your search for Idaho real estate, and enjoy all of the benefits of life in Idaho, whether it be from your home or in the great outdoors.


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