Secret Doorways-Turning imagination into a reality

Hidden Door

Most people think that hidden passageways are only for books and movies; bookshelves that are more than just bookshelves don't exist and wardrobes that open into a new world is a fantasy. But that isn't completely true. Today, there are many people who are starting to install hidden rooms and secret doors into their home. Imagination of secret entrances and hidden doorways can become a reality.

Before you let your imagination transform into reality, you need to find secret doors that will last.  Quality is important when finding a company to install a secret room. Some companies offer a low cost imitation on secret doors, but the doors break easily and do not work for long. If you simply attach a hinge to a bookshelf or another piece of carpentry, the secret door starts to warp and sag and will not be so secret anymore. So, when you look for a secret door to a secret passageway make sure that you are getting necessary quality.

Many companies specialize in the making of secret doors.  Some disguised doors can even be found in many royal palaces and luxury estates across the world. You can order a secret door in the classic style of a bookshelf or a wardrobe, or you can integrate something nontraditional that blows the mind of those you show the secret door to.

With these secret doors, you need to decide what you want in the secret room behind the door. These hidden rooms could be used as a playroom or they could be used as a panic room for protection. Some secret doors can be as easy as installing a normal door, but they are much better for bringing imagination and uniqueness into your home.

Whether for imagination or for security, a hidden door can turn your home into something with more fun and delight. Companies sell several different types of secret doors. The first and most common is the door that appears to be a bookshelf. In this category, there are different designs. One is a simple bookcase that is the door. The whole bookshelf can swing open into an opening. The second design is a set of bookcases that open from the middle and open into a doorway.

Another secret door is designed to appear to be a long elegant mirror on the wall. With this design of a door, you can choose a rectangular shape or circular.

Large Brick HouseA less traditional doorway that is available is one that appears to be part of your wall, which makes it almost impossible to find if you don't know that it's there. Though, this specific secret doorway is harder to install and most likely needs to be implemented by a professional.

Along with secret doorways, hidden security could be added. For example, how amazing would it be to have several hidden vaults that are hard to identify. A small vault may look like a little dresser with drawers. A bigger vault could be hidden behind a wall or a bookcase.

If you are worried about the people you love, there are also panic room doors. These panic room doors have high security features. The doors to these rooms are not only disguised and hidden but are also unable to be forced open. Within hidden rooms is the possibility to add a surveillance system, which allows your home to be even more secure. You have the ability to record your house 24/7 and allow everything in your home to be protected.

No matter the purpose for a hidden room or a secret doorway, it has the potential to excite the imagination and bring dreams into reality. Secret doorways hold so much magic. They are one of the most fun things you can do with a house.

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