Rural Idaho Real Estate


Rural, an adjective, is defined as a characteristic of the country, or areas of land that are not urbanized. Studies suggest people who live around a lot of green, wide open spaces experience less stress and boost their overall health. Not to mention the nature, low crime rate, the big back yard, nights full of stars, and most of all, lower real estate prices. If you're considering going rural, Idaho is your place to snatch up some astounding real estate steals, and not to mention cheaper property tax rates. You'll get more with your money buying in a rural area than an urban one, and you get the added benefits already mentioned. So start today! Call (208) 571-7145 to speak with an experienced Idaho real estate agent and recieve more information.

One of the best kept secrets is the rural home located outside the Boise metropolitan area. This ideal situation leaves you with all the advantages of living a rural lifestyle without giving up the advantages of living in the city. Why not have the best of both worlds? There's plenty of Idaho real estate to shop through in Idaho's rural countryside that's near enough to Boise to go to work, to play, or shop.

Emmett Real Estate

farmland6_sm_300_01Emmett, Idaho is considered a part of the Boise metro area, and here you'll find several 3 and 4 bedroom homes between $100,000-$125,000. Live in this uncrowded and small Idaho town to unwind from the stress of city living while still staying close enough to the city for healthcare options, shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Weiser Real Estate

Weiser, Idaho is your rural headquarters for solitary and slow paced living. Weiser experiences a mild climate that supports farming and orchards. Weiser is located on the western edge of Idaho right on the Oregon border, and with under 6,000 people, this is the place where you can leave your door unlocked and experience true freedom. You'll find remarkable Weiser, Idaho real estate opportunities from residential to lots/land to commercial. Single family homes in Weiser are incredibly affordable, and your backyard leads right into the beautiful rural lands of Idaho.

Star Real Estate

Star, Idaho will provide you with small town living with close proximity to Boise. Star lies just 16 miles away, and maintains a population under 6,000. Star is known for its rural character with a tight community where you'll find a quiet and slow paced life. Star, Idaho homes are located near the Boise River and the Boise foothills.

In the rural environment of Idaho, enjoy affordable living, scenic views, and fresh air. Rural living is possible, and Idaho has acres and acres of beautiful lands to either purchase a resale home or build your new dream home on.

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