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Running in Boise


Boise is absolutelyloaded with things to do.  Though Boise is not thought of as a runner's town like Eugene, it should be.  It is a very good place for a runner and running is a popular hobby for outdoors-minded Boiseans.  That new home for sale that you’re looking at should accommodate what you love to do: run.  We’ll find how to be a runner in Boise.

Boise Running Locations 

Being an avid runnermyself and having lived in Boise and Meridian, it is easy to notice that some places in the city are more designed for running.  There’s always the option of running laps at a local high school track, which are almost always open because Idaho is so crime-free.  However, most runners enjoy running near hills, rivers, and parks on some sort of path.  So, you will want to either find a new home for sale near these great places for running, or you can expect to be commuting a bit to a place to run.


The foothills, which are along the north side of Boise, are a prime Boise running location.  It has easy enough trails for the beginner and difficult loops to challenge even the expert. You will encounter well-maintained trails filled with the occasional friendly runner, biker, or possibly deer.  Many fine Boise homes are built in the foothills to allow their residents to enjoy nature and its benefits just minutes away from downtown.  A new home for sale in or near the foothills would enable you to walk out your door into a workout.  Is there anything better for a runner?


bike_path_sm_300_01The Boise River weaves through the middle of Boise, Garden City, and Eagle.  The Greenbelt is a paved, kept-up path that goes for miles along stunning sections of the river. You will have hours of enjoyment running, walking, or biking.  The best part of running by the river is you can cool your legs by wading in after your run!  It is a peaceful, motivating experience to have nature surround you as you pump out your run.  There are luxury homes that are a stone’s throw away from the river and less-expensive homes where you could live minutes away.  With Boise’s very limited traffic, the Greenbelt is less than twenty minutes away for most city residents as well.  Don’t feel that you can’t create your own route through beautiful city neighborhoods or parks as well.  

Boise Weather

Boise’s temperate climateallows you to run outside on most days of the year.  Treadmills are a last resort for runners, so this is a great blessing.  Fall and spring bring many dry days between 60 and 80 degrees.  Summer mornings and nights cool off nicely for running also.  Even in the winter, brave runners can be found out in 40 degree temperatures. The small amount of precipitation makes it easy to schedule running days.  Boise is a city built for its strong running community.

Local Races 

There are running clubs throughout the valley that can provide you with running partners for races.  Local running shops sponsor a variety of half-marathon and marathon races throughout the year.  Boise, Idaho is also the home of the Race to Robie Creek, which bills itself as the toughest half marathon in the Northwest.  The race through a rugged part of the Boise foothills sells out in minutes every year.  Summer track meets run by the YMCA provide the additional chance to compete in events from the 100 meter dash to the two-mile.

Be one of the many runners that you see on the Boise streets.  Take into account your running habit when you purchase a new home for sale in Boise.  It will add to your level of satisfaction.  Boise, the city famous for fresh air and open spaces, is a great place to run and purchase real estate.  Find a Hughes Group realtor that will personalize your home search towards what you need in your life--including running.

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