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River Frontage Homes in Boise and Beyond


Do you want to live in the finest of Idaho properties? It seems like a perfect fit to live next to a river in Idaho, because if you're living in such an wilderness state, you might as well enjoy the natural setting from home. Riverfront property, found all through the Gem state, won't just take your breath away--it'll surprise you how luxurious and affordable it can be. We'll give you the lowdown on Idaho properties along rivers and then you can search away, with our innovative search refining tools, and find the perfect home for you.


There aren't manystates where idyllic riverfront properties are located minutes away from the state's Capitol and largest city. Life along the crystal-clear Boise river makes you forget you're in civilization altogether. Boise is a city built along the river with Southeast Boise being one of the most popular parts of the city to buy real estate, especially riverfront property. Garden City and Eagle, a little further downstream, have riverfront property close to downtown as well. Use your Hughes Group realtor's wide knowledge of the city to find what suits you best.A little out of the thriving metropolitan city and into the mountains, riverfront property in various small towns give you an even greater escape into the natural world. Mountain recreational fun, including hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, and more, is also a part of living there. Look for top-notch Idaho riverfront real estate in Garden Valley, Cascade, Idaho City, and Sun Valley. Sun Valley, of course, is a world-famous, celebrity favorite of an Idaho town built on a river with stunning surroundings and high living. That's the kind of quality of life that you'll be experiencing daily, including the blissful sounds of the river going by, as you find riverfront property in the perfect Idaho small-town for you.

Recreational Activities Steps Away


The aesthetic beauty of Idaho's: Boise, Snake, Payette, or Salmon rivers will make you content to take it in for hours--it's something that you never get sick of. But, Idaho is not hurting for recreational activities that'll be steps away from your back door--Idaho features very good fishing for multiple different species, as well as great whitewater action, that brings people to Idaho from all over the world. Idaho also has wonderful skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, hunting, bird-watching, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and water skiing that are nearby any Idaho properties you find along a river. It's a quiet, yet adventurous lifestyle that you just can't beat anywhere else.

Considerations for Living Along a River

You and your agent should go through some of the logistics of river living to ensure it will be the experience you want. First, you'll want to make sure you get flood insurance and are aware of the possible threat of flooding, though Idaho's river are not as prone to flooding as rivers in other parts of the country. You will want to see that the lot is going to be good for a house, without water under the house or other similar problems. Don't forget, as well, that you might be a bit away from town, so you'll have to plan for that. It'll also be important to make sure that those who live with or visit you are safe around the river.

A home is where life begins: let it one of the riverfront Idaho properties. With all their variety, there's sure to be one in an Idaho communtiy that nicely fits you. Idaho, home to incredible beauty and recreation, is where you want to own your next home. Start your search today!

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