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Boise River

Idaho is a beautiful, vast, and some might even say underrated state when it comes to real estate.  Located in a lush, green expanse of land, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains rise up to the northeast of Boise and stretch from the far Southeastern tip of the Boise city limits to Eagle. Running right through Boise and the surrounding areas is the Boise River, the namesake and treasure of the entire valley.

Accounts where Boise received its name differ, but one popular version credits Capt. B. L. E. Bonneville of the U.S. Army as its source. After trekking for weeks along the Oregon Trail through dry and rough terrain, his exploration party reached an overlook, now known as Bonneville Point, with a view of the entire Boise River Valley. According to the story, a French-speaking guide, overwhelmed by the sight of the lush river, yelled "Les bois! Les bois!" ("The woods! The woods!")—and the name stuck.  The Boise River has always been a rich, monumental part of Boise, and Idaho’s, heritage.

Boise RiverAs you choose your new home’s location in Idaho, whether it’s in Boise or the surrounding areas of Meridian, Eagle, or Nampa, you’ll have lots of options as far as landscaping and location.  When you choose to make your home in Boise, you’ll get the option of choosing a river-front home along the Boise River.

River-front homes offer sights and beauty like no other backyard you could imagine.  It’s a quaint, serene, peaceful space a midst the bustling city. You’ll be delighted to be able to sit outside on your patio or deck and enjoy the peacefulness of the crystal-blue waters a midst the lush landscape of Boise.  You’ll want to research the surrounding neighborhood and make sure it’s right for you, as well as the homes and real estate offered where Boise’s river-front homes are located.  However, the option to enjoy this historic and breathtaking view of the Boise River from your very own porch every morning and evening is well within your reach as you consider purchasing real estate in the Boise area.

Kevin Hughes

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