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If you are building a home or waiting to buy one but don’t have the best credit score in the world, then you may find yourself needing to rent a home for a little while. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, then you have come to the right place, because Boise is one of the best places for comfortable homes and apartments to rent.

Today we will discuss some of the different situations that lead people to rent, the kinds of rentals they can find in Boise, and some tips and things to look out for while you are looking for your temporary abode.

In the long run, buying a home is cheaper than renting. This is because you will eventually own the house and won’t have to make payments on it anymore. Which is completely different from an apartment or rental home as you will never own them and will always have to pay rent on them. So, what would cause someone to need to rent when they want to buy. Well, the most common reason is finances. Things like a bad debt to income ratio, low credit score, lack of funds for a down payment are all examples of financial stressors that would cause someone to need to rent a home.

Now, of course, there is also the problem with building homes. If you have already sold your previous home before the completion of your new home, you may find yourself in a bind and you’ll need to find a place to stay. Most of the time a rental home or apartment will have better rates than a motel, but if you have to, a motel will work. This is also something that alot of people who are building homes here in Boise but are moving in from another town or state find themselves in. If they are moving to Boise for a job, for instance, they may have to be to work before the house is finished and will have no place to stay without that rental. However, what sort of things should you look for in your rental unit? Well, in short, the biggest thing you want to look for is a short term lease option.

Short term lease options

There are probably hundreds of places that you can rent for a decent price. However, variety isn’t the thing you need to be on the lookout for. What you really need to look for is a short term or month to month lease. Usually, leases in our area will last either 6, 9 or 12 months which, if you are building a home, may be too long. So, if you can find a shorter leased unit, or a lease that is month to month, then you will be in business.

If you are having trouble finding a lease that is less than 6 to 12 months, or one that isn’t month to month, you may try making a special deal with the landlord. They may be willing to work a deal with you if you promise them a bit more rent every month. However, this is completely up to the landlord.

If you truly are having trouble finding somewhere to rent, talk to our wonderful real estate agents here at the Hughes Group. They have connections all over the valley when it comes to housing and will be able to get you in touch with whomever you need to get you a place to rent.

Types of rental units in Boise

Boise is a great place to live and it has been rated so by many top 10 lists and websites. It is a metro area that is growing at a rapid pace. Not to mention it has a lower than average median home price. A factor that makes it a great place for investors to buy up some of the extra homes. This makes it so there are more rental homes than rental apartments in Boise.

Rental apartments, though not as prevalent as homes in Boise, are also a viable option for those seeking accommodations for a short period of time. There are many great apartment complexes in Boise that are very affordable as well as a whole load more out in Meridian. The City of Meridian is on the frontier of expansion in the Boise Nampa Metro area and has many beautiful suburban apartment complexes with full amenity club houses, pools, and so on. These apartment complexes have units in all different shapes and sizes for any needs.

Downtown Boise and southeastern Boise are also ripe with condominiums. These are great if you like an urban lifestyle. Some, but not all, are in close walking distance of different amenities like shopping, doctors’ offices, and so much more.

Now, if you are in the boat of people that live out of town and want to know what kind of amenities Boise has in the first place you will like this next section. Boise is a place for convenient and comfortable living. There are hundreds of department stores, grocery stores, specialty shops, restaurants, concert halls, etc.

However, it is important to remember that Idaho is a mountainy/outdoorsy state. Within only an hour or two of Boise you have 3 large lakes, 1 reservoir, several rivers— some with class 5 rapids—, sand dunes, hot springs, 2 ski resorts, thousands of miles of nature trails, and even hundreds of campsites. It is the perfect state for people who want to sight see, hike, camp, rock climb, fish, swim, wade, ski, or really anything else. So, if you love the outdoors, then you really need to check out Boise.

To learn more about Boise and what it has to offer, call one of our astounding agents at the Hughes Group. Their extensive knowledge of the Boise area and its real estate market make them some of the best resources you could have when looking to relocate. Call today and find out how we can help you find your place in this wonder place we call home — Boise.

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