Remembering When Boise Was...

Boise Idaho Egyptian Theatre

Here are two fun photos, one from the 1970's and one from today!
Can YOU spot all the differences?

Old Egyptian Theatre in Boise

At over one hundred and fifty years old, the capital city of Boise has experienced a complex history. Steeped in fortune both good and bad, this city’s story is worth much recognition. Boise began as a Fort in the 1830s, defending against trouble along the Oregon Trail, before being inducted into a city in 1863. Boise claimed the title of territory capital in 1866, taking the honor from Lewistown. Afterwards, Boise flourished under statehood, expanding its irrigation and becoming the first capital city in the United States to use a geothermal heating system. Despite the hard times caused by the Great Depression, Boise opened its first university in 1932, and the infamous Albertson grocery stores opened in 1939. Boise has continued to progress in the 20th and 21st centuries, and will continue to prosper far into the future.

Our thanks to the Library of Congress for providing the Historic American Buildings Survey of photo HABS ID, 10BOISE, 8--10 of historic Boise Idaho.

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