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Many cities and towns in Idaho started off as rural and farming communities, however, it has come a long way since its start in the 1800’s. The whole state has grown from those communities to big cities and they continue to grow. One of the most popular places to relocate right now in Idaho is Meridian, Idaho. Meridian is a simple 10 miles from the capital of the state, Boise. Idaho offers affordable living, employment opportunities, quality health care, several amenities, entertainment, and an outdoor lifestyle.

Affordable Living

Is Idaho’s cost of living affordable compared to the national average? Although, Idaho is affordable when it comes to cost of living it is a bit more than the national average. Over the course of the last few years, home appreciations have grown by close to six percent. As of this article, the national cost of living is close to $170,000 and Idaho’s is $173,000.


There are many opinions on the weather in Idaho, despite these beliefs mild climate is often found in Idaho. During the winter months, you will find humidity and precipitation, which allows the weather to be higher compared to other northern states. During the summer months, you will find the temperatures between eighty eighty and ninety two degrees and around thirty three to forty two degrees in the winter.

Places to live in Idaho

All across Idaho are lovely places to live, though some of the top ones are Boise, Meridian and American Falls. The city with the biggest population and that just happens to also be the capital of Idaho, is Boise. In Boise, Idaho you will find a fun, active diverse culture from Downtown Boise all the way to the borders that meet Meridian. Some of the many attractions of Downtown Boise is the Art Museum located in Julia Davis Park, the Boise and Egyptian Theatre, and the Zoo of Boise. For those who love their college football teams, you can not go wrong with becoming a fan of the Boise State Broncos fan.

Just outside the borders of Boise, you will find the 3rd largest city in Idaho named Meridian, Idaho. In Meridian, you will find serval attractions such as the Meridian Speedway, Meridian Symphony Orchestra, Kleiner Memorial Park, Settlers Park, and hiking in the great Eagle Island State Park. Some big companies such as Scentsy and Blue Cross of Idaho has made Meridian home.

Looking for a city that is the only city known for something in all of America? Move to the great city of American Falls. American Falls is the only city in the whole USA that has moved. The city use to sit on the west banks of the Snake River and was a lively, hoping town. To prevent the city from being flooded, the town was moved. If you look at a map of the little town you will see that it is shaped diagonally which allows the sun to brightly shine in each window.


Located in Idaho are some of the most popular universities. In Moscow, you will find the University of Idaho. In Boise, you will find Boise State University and Idaho State University located in Pocatello, Idaho. In addition, you will find several privately owned colleges such as Steven Henager College and a few regional community colleges which allows Idaho a top choice for post secondary education.

Jobs in Idaho

In Idaho, you can find some of the top industries and employers such as Micron Technology, Inc., Chobani (American Yogurt), St. luke’s Regional Medical Center, and Hewlett Packard. Idaho is known for its manufacturing, health care, and agriculture.

Certain areas in Idaho such as Meridian and Boise have a strong job fields such as health sciences and a continuous tech growing community not to mention the many local businesses. Even if you are wanting to continue or start your own business adventure Idaho is turning into a business friendly community for entrepreneurs.


The majority of the commutes in Idaho require a car; however, the average commute is approximately 30 minutes. There are several mass transit that are available such as the bus systems or van carpooling. The majority of everyone has at least one car in which they commute themselves.

Adventures and attractions in Idaho

Looking for a continuous adventure, Idaho is the ideal state for it. You will have lots of opportunities to visit history, explore the canyons, explore the trails of the mountains, catch that big fish that you always wanted to get or hike that mountain that you wanted to climb. You can take jet boat tours on the Snake River Hells Canyon, you can visit the falls in Shoshone falls park, enjoy the rapids in the rivers or climb the great rocks of the City of Rocks.

Health Care

No matter what part of life you are in whether it is early stages, middle stages, or late stages you will be able to find quality health care in Idaho. Idaho houses one of the country’s main medical centers. St. Luke’s is located in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and several other locations and includes a VA hospital, Tumor Institute and other care facilities.

You find it all in Idaho! You will find the ideal mild weather which allows you to have a life all year long, taking those adventures whenever you would like too. You will not even have to leave the towns limits no matter the location you pick within the state.

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