Relocating to Idaho in 2017


So, you have decided to move to Idaho, eh? An excellent decision. It is a wonderful state with a lot of great features to offer to you, but unless you have lived in Idaho before, or have visited often, there is probably a lot you do not know about it. Here is a little introduction for you, in order that you might know some more about what Idaho has to offer you. Something to get excited about, as well as one or two things to be aware of.

If you do not already have employment lined up for when you get here, have no fear. Idaho has a large and diverse pool of different kinds of jobs that are just waiting for you to snatch them up. Of course, agriculture is a huge part of the state (There is a reason it is so well known for the Potato), but some of the largest companies in Idaho are actually tech companies. In fact, the largest employer in the state is Micron Technology, Inc, which produces and sells computer memory and semiconductors. The law firm Hewlett-Packard also has a large presence, and like any state, there is a lot of need for medical care. St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, located in the state’s capital of Boise, hires a lot of people to do a number of different jobs. If you are in need of a place to work when you get to Idaho, you are covered. Just look around and see what is available, and you are sure to find something that will work.

Probably the greatest thing about Idaho is that the great outdoors is never very far away. In a place like New York City, it might take you a day or at least a few hours to find something resembling the wild, but even at the heart of civilization in Idaho, Boise, a modern city with a fairly substantial population, you can be surrounded by glorious nature in a matter of minutes. There are so many parks, national forests, or protected wilderness areas to explore, that you probably cannot do it in a lifetime. Of course, if you really want to immerse yourself and get as far from human civilization as possible, that is an easy option. There are stretches in central Idaho where no human lives for miles upon miles. It would be a serious leap to live in a place like this, and a lot of the land is government owned where you cannot actually legally live, but most of it is open to extended visits if you need to decompress and relax, far from the pesterings of modern life. There are all kinds of places you can head out to and explore. You can camp in the mountains, spend a day getting out of the cold in a hot spring, or just take a day to go to the World Center for Birds of Prey, funded by the Peregrine Fund. Idaho has something natural for everyone.

Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and roses all the time (sometimes quite literally). For a good portion of each year, Idaho is very temperate with comfortable weather and temperatures, but on the extreme ends of the seasons, you can encounter some broad weather patterns. Summers can be uncomfortably hot depending on what you are used to and what you like, though, moving further north might be a consideration. 

During the winter, there may be snowstorms and even blizzards. Truly dangerous storms are rare, but when there are snow and ice on the road, you always stand an increased chance of getting into a car accident or even just slipping and falling, which can end poorly. If you are used to cold climates with frequent freezes, you probably know what to expect and are prepared, but if you are coming from a southern state or anywhere else where snow is a rare sight, you definitely need to be careful. Make sure your car is up to the new weather and has the appropriate kind of tires, and when you do drive during the winter after a snowstorm, simply, be careful. The first thing you will learn is that everyone (At least almost everyone. There are a few crazy idiots) moves slower when the road might be iced over. Slow down. Your life is more important than getting to your destination on time. Just keep in mind that more than a million people in Idaho deal with winter every year with mostly no problems at all, and so can you. Just be prepared to take a few extra precautions and allow for extra time on the road.

If politics is something you are involved in, you probably are not surprised to learn that Idaho is a predominantly Republican state. This should not pose any real problems for you if you lean in the other political direction, but if you are the kind of person who enjoys a good debate, you will undoubtedly get a chance to do so. Idahoans are a largely pleasant people. In a similar vein, football is a massive thing in Idaho and one of the largest teams that a lot of the state roots for is Boise State. You will probably hear about them and might even find yourself needing to buff up on the team’s history and chances this season if you want to get involved in the local community.

Idaho is a truly amazing place to live, and if you are coming soon, there is a lot to look forward to. If you are not moving up north with us, but you are looking for a new home, maybe give a thought to Idaho as your home. There are few places better to make a life and certainly no better places to step out into nature and find what the world is really like.

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