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Deciding to move can be a bit stressful, especially if you are deciding to get a home that is radically different from the one you are used to. Most of us know single-family units pretty well, but an option that many people overlook are multifamily units. The most common multi-family units would have to be duplex, the townhouse, the apartment complex, and the condominium. Now, to many, these may seem to be the same thing, but there are some subtle differences between them all that can have radical effects on your way of life if you choose to buy one. So, what makes one different from another?

Multi-family unit #1: Duplexes

One of the more popular multi-family units here in the Treasure Valley would have to be the duplex. Duplexes are houses…

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Have you ever wanted to trade in your cramped apartment for the freedom of your own home? What about moving out of your rental house or duplex to finally buy your own house? If so, then you, like many other people, are in for an interesting ride. You see, making that transition from apartment to house, or renting to buying in general, can be a bit frustrating if you aren’t readily prepared. However, things can go a whole lot smoother if you have a bit of knowledge into what you could expect. And today, we are going to try and prepare you for that time. Remember, this is not an all-inclusive list of things that you need to know as a homeowner, but it is a good start. Being a homeowner involves a lot of different responsibilities. Keep learning and…

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Airbnb is a new way to find a place to stay when you travel, and it is sweeping the world. That’s right, people around the globe are renting out their spare space in favor of making money. It’s an option that not only helps the traveler, but it also helps the property owner. Many people have realized that buying a property can be an investment for more than just fixing up and reselling- it can also be a more immediate investment to rent out space to people looking for a more hometown option when they travel. There are plenty of ways to make a space more marketable to vacationers. Here are a few out of the box ideas that can push an Airbnb above the rest.

For starters, it is important to make sure that the home is fully stocked. This includes…

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Close to the capital city of Idaho rests a city that is well known for its well-priced shopping, lovely homes, and caring community. The City of Meridian has so many great things to offer and is a wonderful place to build or buy a new home. Let’s check out a few of the newer neighborhoods in the area.

One of the newer neighborhoods in Meridian is the Paramount neighborhood. Though it began it’s building phases a few years ago, Paramount continues to have new plots available for building, as well as several new homes built and ready to move-in. Most residents can’t speak highly enough of the location, homes, and neighbors that live in this “village within a city”. Planned events and fun activities can be found in the neighborhood newsletter,…

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The Boise area, also known as the Treasure Valley, is a stunning place that has frequently appeared on top ten lists of best places to live for almost every demographic imaginable. It is a gathering place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while staying close to convenience. People have been flocking here thanks to a number of different factors like its low housing prices, mild temperatures, and close proximity to some of the greatest outdoor destinations in the nation. This has created a huge need for new homes, new neighborhoods, and new amenities. However, over the last few years, it seems as though there has been a tapering off of new construction of all sorts and many people who already live here aren’t moving as…

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If you are building a home or waiting to buy one but don’t have the best credit score in the world, then you may find yourself needing to rent a home for a little while. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, then you have come to the right place, because Boise is one of the best places for comfortable homes and apartments to rent.

Today we will discuss some of the different situations that lead people to rent, the kinds of rentals they can find in Boise, and some tips and things to look out for while you are looking for your temporary abode.

In the long run, buying a home is cheaper than renting. This is because you will eventually own the house and won’t have to make payments on it anymore. Which is completely different from…

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Here in Idaho, there are a lot of homes with acreage, even in the cities. It comes from Idaho’s long history of agriculture. You see, Idaho started out as one of those western states that consisted mainly of farmers who worked their own little patches of land and, as the years have gone on, though new homes are built on smaller lots, there are still a ton of homes that are built on multiple acre parcels of land. But what should you do with it? If you aren’t a farmer, then you might find this to be the question of the hour and today, we are going to give you a few suggestions.

Use your excess acreage for tenant farming

Tenant farming has been around for a long time. Essentially it is an arrangement between a landowner and a farmer for the…

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Let’s start this article off by saying this: it is very hard, if not impossible, to buy land for a substantially low price. However, a discounted price, now that is what we’re talking about. In this blog post we will give you a few strategies to find yourself land for a better price than you would anticipate. Not all of these strategies will work for you and none of them are without risk. So, be sure that you take time to thoroughly think through each purchase and consult with a financial professional before taking any steps with large ramifications.

REO land (bank or government owned land)

REO/ bank owned land are things like foreclosures and so forth. They are ones that the owner, typically a bank, and sometimes the government, needs to sell.…

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Urban homes, whether they are condos or small cottage homes off of the main byways of downtown Boise, are options that many relocating to the Boise don’t always consider. Boise is usually known for its sweeping countryside and robust suburban areas, but not usually for the urban homes and urban living arrangements that it has to offer.

Some of the urban homes and living quarters that are available in downtown Boise are the beautiful Victorian and Colonial homes in the Historic district, condos and lofts that offer maximum urban efficiency, and also a number of classic cottage style homes dotted here and there. There is even the Boise North End that is a cross between urban streets and suburban communities that offer numerous homes of different…

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Basements are a common occurrence in Idaho homes. Many people might not be used to the idea of having a basement if they have come from other states with harder soil. Idaho’s softer soil makes it easy to build down instead of up and it can be quite a benefit to homeowners when it comes to space, electricity conservation, and so forth. But, should you buy a home that comes with a basement or should you opt for something else? To answer that question, let’s review all the benefits and advantages to having a basement, as well as some disadvantages, and then some of the things you can do with a basement.


Extra Space

This one is pretty obvious. With a basement beneath your main level you can easily double, if not triple your home’s…

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