Ready for a dip out of the cold weather and into Western Idaho's hot springs?

Idaho RiverFor those that are interested in Idaho real estate, there are many reasons to buy and live there.  Among the many outdoor attractions in Idaho are naturally heated springs.  While many are too hot to get into, others are enjoyable and are frequently in areas that require a hike to get into.  A dip into one of the natural hot springs can be a relaxing portion of a day hike or can be the destination of an overnight camping or backpacking trip into the wilderness.  Other sites are commercial and have developed facilities for the visitor.  With the wide variety of sites available, everyone can find what is best suited to them.

With over 200 recorded sites, Idaho is thought to have the largest collection of hot springs of any state in the US.  Hot springs form when there is a source of underground heat.  Many of them are in the eastern portion of the state, nearest to the Yellowstone caldera.  Others are spread across the state in a variety of locations.

Hot springs in the central western part of Idaho include several in the areas surrounding Elk City, Grangeville, Warm Lake, Yellow Pine and McCall.  Many have pools built with from local rock outcroppings where the hiker can soak in the warm water.  Some are actually a little warm and require some cold water from adjacent creeks to get them to the right temperature for the bathers.

Many of these natural pools require significant hiking to get to, and provide a day or more of outdoor activity. Oftentimes, next to the hot springs are rivers.

A deer in Idaho's ForestsWildlife in these areas is very common.  Deer and elk are often seen in these areas.  A little more problematic are bears.  While they do not normally interfere with humans in their areas, a few precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe outing.  Check with local forest and other wildlife officials to determine the potential danger before you start such an adventure.

The availability of these kinds of outdoor activities is one of the primary reasons why many look at Idaho homes for sale.  Fishing, hunting, hiking and even backpacking into the more remote areas of the state represent a lifestyle that is not available elsewhere.  Idaho real estate can put anyone into the midst of a healthful and thoroughly enjoyable way of living.  Look for an Idaho property and enjoy the Idaho outdoors.

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