Ready, Aim, Fire! The Sport of Duck Hunting in Idaho

mallard_boise_duck_hunting_325If you're considering purchasing Idaho real estate, there are many great attributes this wonderful states has to offer that will help this choice become easier. For one thing, Idaho is an incredibly beautiful state, with lots of great outdoor scenery, activities and events to enjoy If you're an outdoorsy person, particularly if you're a hunter, some of the best duck hunting around can be found in Idaho.

Since Idaho is not nationally renowned for hunting waterfowl, there is not as much competition for premium spots and birds. In Idaho, duck hunting is pretty much a "do it yourself" sport, as guiding or outfitting for hunting waterfowl is not permitted. 

Geographically, Northern and Eastern Idaho (particularly the southeast) tend to offer a pretty high yield of birds, but only during the warmer months as water in these areas freezes pretty early. Plan your duck hunting for spring, summer, or early fall as you may find yourself shut out by Thanksgiving.

An Example of the Outskirts of BoiseWhen the northern and eastern parts of Idaho are inaccessible during those colder months, the ducks tend to migrate more to the bigger reservoirs and rivers located along the southwest and south central regions. So if you're considering purchasing Boise area real estate, such as homes in Meridian or property in Nampa, you'll likely find good duck hunting in the outlying areas during those late fall and early winter times.

To pinpoint the best locations to get in the most productive hunting, just open a map and look for the wildlife federal refuge areas. Fields and smaller waters that are close to the refuges are worth checking out, too. However, many people agree that Fort Hall Reservation near American Falls truly offers some of the very best duck hunting in the state of Idaho. The tribe will issue you a license that comes with a pretty hefty fee (nearly $500) but $100 of that is refundable, providing you don't break any laws. It's probably worth your while to check out Idaho Fish and Game's Wildlife Management areas, too. These public use areas, particularly along the Snake River, often provide some great duck hunting.

Canadian mallards and geese are among the most desirable quarry for waterfowl hunters, and it just so happens those are the most plentiful species that frequent Idaho.

While I have never been duck hunting personally, I have enjoyed the beauty of the fields and refuge areas Idaho has to offer. Whether or not you get any waterfowl on your hunting trip, the peace and solitude is definately worth the time. Here's wishing the best as you select the perfect Idaho real estate.

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