Businesses in Idaho

Downtown Boise's Hometown Addie's Breakfast RestaurantMany entrepreneurs looking to purchase Idaho properties know that when they settle in Idaho, they will be surrounded by a big community with a small-town feel. Many Idaho residents take great pride in their goods, products, and services, and are looking for ways to get their good names out there. When relocating a home and business to the area, business owners need to know how to get their products, goods, and services registered in the community. Enter Buy Idaho, Inc., a non-profit, third-party organization paid for by member's dues organized to promote their unique Idaho products. Any Idaho-based business can join—large corporations, small “Mom & Pop” businesses, associations of all kinds, and even government agencies—with the common goal of taking pride and promoting the best Idaho has to offer.

The benefits of joining a group like this are numerous, and especially beneficial for those who have just purchased Idaho real estate. If you are new to the area, it's not only a good place to visit to find out what local businesses are out there, but a great way to network with other businesses who are already well-established in the community.

Idaho's Own Roaring Springs Water ParkThere are five levels of membership available, and one especially for non-profit organizations. Memberships are a year long, and do not have automatic renewal. Levels of membership are based on the company's individual annual revenue. The lowest amount of yearly dues start at $100 for non-profit organizations, and $165 for companies with annual revenues up to one million dollars. Joining the group is exceedingly simple—just by filling out an online application, choosing the appropriate dues, and telling the organization a little bit about the business, any company in Idaho can join. The membership application process allows businesses to choose from a long list of goods, products, and services, and even has an “other” category with ample room for description. Businesses that belong to Buy Idaho, Inc. include wood producers, uniform rental services, crop dusting businesses, agriculture equipment, agriculture products (produce, meat, dairy, etc.), toy manufacturing, trucking and transportation, and many more.

When purchasing Idaho real estate, and getting to know the new neighbors, businesses, and services that Idaho has to offer, Buy Idaho, an ideal resource. Not only can new residents get to know the area by using the membership directory as a handy guide, but new Idaho businesses have a chance to start their networking.

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