Pricing - The Key to Selling Your Home

home-47_400When you decide to list your home for sale-
one of the most important decisions is determining at what price you will list the home. Pricing a home is not just a matter of picking a price, the price that you set for the home should be a result of thorough research and careful consideration of the local market.

Though you may be willing to negotiate a lower price, listing a home at a high price will keep many buyers from even seeing the listing. Most real estate buyers use the Internet to search for homes for sale. When conducting a search, a buyer generally will search for homes within a specific price range. If you set the price of your home too high you will limit the amount of buyers that will view your home. If buyers don’t see your home, they obviously won’t be buying it. Setting a high price will also result in the buyers that do view your home expecting more from your home than others in the area. If you home is listed at $100,000 more than similarly sized local properties, buyers will expect it to be much nicer than those properties.

Of course, you don’t want to list your home for sale at a price that is too low as that will result in you losing money on the sale. In addition, setting a low price will result in buyers thinking that there must be something wrong with your home for the price to be so low.

Fortunately, you have a number of available resources for setting a fair price for your home. Home appraisers and real estate agents can provide information that will help you to set a reasonable price on your home. However, it is your home and it is important for you to do research on your own. Internet sites that sell real estate are a great resource for conducting research on the prices of similar properties in your area. These sites provide up to date information on local properties and prices, allowing you to view your home’s competition and carefully consider the price at which you will list your home. You can be certain that the home buyers in your area will be using Internet sites to search for home listings and you need to use these sites as a tool when pricing your home.

By: Marc Rasmussen - New Homes in Lakewood Ranch

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