Popular Idaho Luxury Home Locations


Idaho is a state that gives its residents a very high quality of life for a small price tag. You may not think of yourself as being able to buy luxurious real estate, but in Idaho it's possible for many. Boise real estate gets most of the attention, but there are great luxury homes all throughout the state, including world-famous, celebrity-favorite Sun Valley real estate. We will make sure you aren't forgetting any prime luxury real estate locations and show how each can give you a fine, distinctive lifestyle.

Boise Luxury Homes

The many luxury homes in Boise suit a variety of different housing preferences. There are state-of-the-art homes in the foothills with views or right along the beautiful Boise river, or if you want to live in the most cosmopolitan part of Idaho, Boise real estate features luxury condos and penthouses that offer an urban lifestyle with incredible panoramic views of the valley. Boise real estate also gives you the option of living next to great golf courses or in a nice residential neighborhood. Additionally, historic residences in the North End are a special treat that only Boise real estate can offer.

Sun Valley Prime Real Estate


Sun Valley real estate has to outstanding to be able to comfortably house its star residents and visitors. A popular hangout for the rich and famous, Sun Valley was the home of Ernest Hemingway and has had Arnold Schwarzenneger, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Warren Buffett, Tom Hanks, Oprah Wenfrey, Justin Timberlake, and Bill Gates as seasonal residents. One of the reasons stars love Sun Valley real estate is its serene landscape and immediate access to world-class skiing and fishing. Own a piece of Sun Valley real estate and you'll see celebrities and be living like one in this top-notch Idaho town.

McCall Premier Homes

McCall is the less glitzy version on Sun Valley, with a more down-home feel, but nonetheless having amazing things to offer. Most importantly, McCall real estate has beautiful homes built lakeside on scenic Payette Lake, which are some of Idaho's most sought after property. McCall is a year-round Idaho recreational hot spot, with few full-time residents--more often people have cabins and second-homes that already have a home in Boise, or live elsewhere in the state. Living in McCall is great for those who love hunting, fishing, boating, skiing, or just being in a wonderful natural environment.

Small-Town Rural Estates

Idaho's farming communityboosts fine real estate, for rural folk and city dwellers alike; there is no one city that can take all the credit for fine, large homes in wonderful country settings, but they're all over the state. Having land for horses, a big garden or small farm, and being away from it all is definitely a favorite of Idaho luxury home owners. Luckily, you can find many homes that are close to cities with have everything you need.  You can find luxury homes in rural areas with our extremely functional home searches.

Search and view Idaho premier real estate in a variety of styles and locations. The Hughes Group is your luxury real estate leaders and they will give you tons of information on the current market and show you how you can meet your dreams with Idaho real estate. Don't delay--your dream home awaits you in Boise real estate, Sun Valley real estate, or somewhere you hadn't even thought of!

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