Planning a Camping Trip in Idaho?

So you're planning on going on an Idaho camping trip? You are in for a real treat! The gorgeous scenery and fresh air all over the Gem State makes for one of the most amazing and unforgettable places to go out and enjoy the great outdoors! With how large the state is, and with such a large percentage of its land belonging to nature (35 million acres of public land!), you will soon find that there are so many excellent options to choose from here when it comes to going camping. You will want to make sure you have prepared properly to truly have the best experience possible. Here are the things you'll want to consider prior to going on your Idaho camping trip:

All of the great campgrounds in Idaho are very well managed by several public agencies. Most (particularly the state parks) are managed by the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department, the U.S. Forest Service, Idaho Power, and the Bureau of Land Management. These organizations do an excellent job at taking care of the sites and making sure they are suitable and well-kept. The campgrounds maintained by the Parks and Recreation department and Idaho Power tend to be the most well-enjoyed, particularly for more casual campers, as they usually include running water, showers, flush toilets, and even hookups for RVs. In addition to all of these great places to stay, there is an astounding amount of land owned either federally or by the state that you can set up your own camp at, particularly if you want a little bit more solitude and want to keep to yourself.

Idaho Parks and Recreation department has provided all the things you need to know in advance as far as basic rules go when camping in one of Idaho’s many excellent state parks found all across the state. Fireworks are not allowed in any of the Idaho State Parks, and dogs (or other pets) must either be confined or kept on a leash. The designated camping areas are the only approved places to set up camp, and quiet time starts at 10 pm at these campsites. The times to check-in and checkout at campsites are 2 pm and 1 pm respectively. If you have any service animals, they are welcome in all of the Idaho State Parks. If you are lucky enough to be camping in one of these amazing pieces of nature, as long as you are following the rules you are bound to have an excellent time. At many of the parks you may go camping in cabins and yurts if you don’t want to use a tent or a camper. To make reservations, visit the Idaho Parks and Recreation department’s website and give them a call. Some of these camping options, for instance, rv'ing as well as various yurt and cabin options are available year-round for those who enjoy a snowy retreat. 

The State Parks are amazing, cozy, and convenient spots to set up camp, but there are tons of other great options for camping too, many of which will give you a bit more freedom. Millions of acres of Idaho’s land belong to the beautiful national forests found all over the state. These forests offer some of the best public land in the entire nation for you to set up your campsite. There is such a variety of different spots to suit your camping wants and needs that you can feel confident about finding the kind of site that works best for you. Some sites have reservations that can be made online at the U.S. Forest Service’s website. In addition to the national forests, plenty of private campgrounds, resorts and RV Parks that you can make reservations for to have a luxurious time! Whatever experience you want to have during your camping trip, you are guaranteed to find a beautiful place to set up camp! Find the place that best suits you, and then make the needed reservations and preparation and head on over.

Something important to prepare for is the weather. Even if you are camping in the middle of the summer, the nights can still be very cold, so it’s a great idea to bring some warm clothes to keep yourself comfortable while sleeping. Summers in the Gem State can often bring unexpected rain, so bring a poncho or a rain jacket as well. As long as you are prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you, you should be able to stay quite comfortable. Make sure your tent is able to handle the weather as well, if it can withstand wind and rain then it will make for good shelter while you are camping.

Before you head out, make sure you have taken all of the necessary safety precautions. This is the most important thing! It's no secret that there are bears in Idaho, but the likelihood that you will actually comes across one is extremely slim. However, bears will occasionally smell food at an unattended campsite and may decide to go for a raid and have a snack. While this is highly unlikely to happen, one preventative measure would be to keep your food stored and disposed of properly whenever you aren’t eating. It is important to use common sense when you are going camping. If you feel like something would help keep you safe, its probably a good idea to bring it. First aid kits are essential, and make sure you follow fire safety procedures.

There is a lot to know before making a trip to the Gem State in order to have a great time camping, but as long as you are well-informed and do everything you need to in order to keep yourself safe, you are sure to have the time of your life. Do your research. Find out where exactly you would like to go, and plan accordingly. Make the reservations that you need to, or find a wonderful place in the forest or in the mountains away from civilization in order to have a great experience with the amazing nature that Idaho is so famous for!


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