Picking Your Real Estate Agent: Internet or Traditional?

Boise house viewWhen it comes to choosing a real estate agent, you now have two choices —an internet agent, or a traditional agent. While both have their merits, there are some considerations that can help you choose what you want in an agent. Whether you are buying a home in Anchorage Alaska or Boise Idaho, you will find that the internet has changed home shopping and the real estate industry forever. 

Time Constraints
For many buyers and sellers, time is of the essence. Sellers want to sell their homes quickly at a reasonable profit, and the buyers want to move into a new dream home right away. But many parties (both buyers and sellers) don't have a lot of time to travel all over the place to buy or keep their home open at all hours to sell. The internet agent can accommodate those who are busy but still want to find or sell a house. Both buyers and sellers benefit by the speed and convenience of internet home searching.

While old school methods are helpful for people who need a hands on, step-by-step approach through the process of buying and selling houses, the internet has empowered many buyers and sellers to understand the process and get what they want out of their real estate transactions.

Neighborhood Factors

A significant issue with relocating to a new area is deciding if the neighborhood is right for you. Internet resources can provide birds eye views and street views. There is no substitute, though, for seeing a neighborhood in person. Its very difficult to ascertain online if the surrounding neighborhood is a good fit for you. This is an arena in which the internet agent will take a personalized "hands on" approach giving you neighborhood tours and sharing their knowledge of the surrounding areas. In many areas, a neighborhood may be in Boise on one side of the street and in Meridian or Eagle on the other side of the road. Your experienced real estate agent, either internet or traditional, can point out these subtleties.

Marketing Exposure for Home Sellers in Idaho

When it comes to exposure of a home, selling a house over the internet is the only way to go. Not only does your home get viewed by local buyers, it gets viewed by people relocating from hundreds of miles away, sometimes even across the country or from another part of the world. Only an internet agent can provide such wide-spread exposure for a home. This often means your house will sell faster than it would with a traditional marketing approach.

This is great for buyers, too — it allows a buyer to hunt for cheaper housing in the same area, or search across the entire globe for their dream home. Gone are the days when Idaho house hunting had to wait until the new Idaho resident arrived in town for the first time. Often Idaho house hunters land at the Boise airport with listings of their favorite properties in hand and ready to see homes with minutes of arrival.

A good agent knows how to mix both old school and new school internet marketing to everyone's advantage. Find an agent who uses the internet as his or her tool for selling and buying, but isn't afraid to use a personal touch whenever you need help. Ultimately, the internet wins out over the more traditional approach.

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