Perrine Bridge Tandem BASE Jumping: What to Expect



You stand at the edge of the platform. The Snake River flows majestically, cutting through the Snake River Canyon floor, almost 500 feet below you. The wind whispers past you. You can hear the soft clinking of the buckles and straps of your harness. The sound of traffic fades away when your instructor asks if you’re ready. You can only nod. And you are off the bridge, seemingly suspended in midair as you begin your descent. The parachute catches, and there’s a soft jerk as the instructor steers you down into the canyon. The views are absolutely incredible, and the adrenaline rush is out of this world. It was well worth the $400 you spent for this experience of a lifetime.

Tandem BASE

There are only two places in the United States where you can experience tandem BASE jumping. One is a company in Moab, Utah called Moab B.A.S.E Adventures where you can tandem BASE jump from a cliff. The other is in Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s called Tandem BASE, and you BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge leading in to Twin Falls. Why is this experience so rare? In order to BASE jump, you normally need hundreds of skydives under your belt.

BASE jumping is an extreme sport where you jump from fixed objects. BASE is actually an acronym, standing for building, antenna, span, and earth. Where you can freefall for a minute when you go skydiving, you have seconds, if that, when you are BASE jumping. You aren’t diving out of an airplane. You’re jumping from a fixed object, and that increases the risk and danger dramatically.

But Tandem BASE lets you experience the thrill of BASE jumping without any prior parachuting experience. This is possible, because just like your first skydiving jump, you’re jumping tandem. With a specialized harness, you are strapped to an experienced instructor, and they control the entire jump. You just hang on for the ride.

Preparing for the Jump

Tandem BASE puts safety first. They created specialized harnesses, purpose built for tandem BASE jumping. Each instructor has over 500 BASE jumps behind them, and they have trained extensively in BASE jumping safely in tandem. They are so successful, that the owner and main instructor recently tandem BASE jumped with a 102-year-old woman for her birthday. Tandem BASE provides you with an incredible opportunity, and they are happy to introduce you to the world of BASE jumping safely, and at your own pace.

· The cost is $399. You can find specials and discounts, though, so look around and check out their website. If you have a large group, contact them to see about a group discount.

· While typical BASE jumps, with a training class, can take about half a day, plan for the entire day. Weather can affect the jump, as can group size, and other variables. Plan ahead, and plan for the day.

· You must be at least 18 to BASE jump. You’ll also need to be in good health, and under a certain weight limit.

· You will not be able to jump by yourself the first time. You will BASE jump in tandem. This is for safety, and because of the amount of experience and skill required to BASE jump safely. If you are interested in solo BASE jumping, Tandem BASE has programs available.

· Most landings are soft. This can depend on the weather. Most landings will be on your feet, although some will be a sit-down and slide landing. The most important thing about landing is to listen to exactly what your instructor tells you. They are the expert.

· If you’d like to jump again on the same day, they offer a discounted rate of $250. This offer is only available if you’re jumping the same day as your first jump.

· Tandem BASE is open year round. When the weather permits, you’ll be able to BASE jump. They say that jumping in the winter is beautiful.

Jump into Adventure

BASE jumping is an experience like no other. It’s an adrenaline filled ride, and when you BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, you’ll see the Snake River in a whole new way. If you crave adventure and excitement, you won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity that Tandem BASE offers. There are few places in the world that allow you to BASE jump without experience.

Because Tandem BASE created specialized harnesses and they employ experienced BASE jumpers, they can let you enjoy that thrill without any prior experience. Next time you drive over the Perrine Bridge, imagine yourself, parachute on your back, getting ready to dive into the greatest adventure of your life.

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