Parks in Kuna

Kuna is a land filled with farm country and great scenery. In fact, there are a number of parks within the city limits that are ideal for biking, relaxing, or just enjoying the nature that Kuna offers its visitors. Below is a list of parks that are worth visiting, as well as some of the things that make this park fun and enjoyable for all!

Arbor Ridge Park- This park is located off of Hubbard Road between Linder and Ten Mile. Open from dawn until dusk, this park comes complete with lots of open space, picnic tables for having get-togethers or a nice lunch out, playground equipment for the young ones, and much more! If you would like to reserve some of the picnic tables, it is on a first come first serve basis (if you need more tables for any reason, you can request some). This park is mainly used for soccer games throughout the year, as well as family reunions and parties.

Green Belt Park- Since this park is miles long, it is located along Indian Creek and in between Swan Falls and School Street. This park is also open from dawn until dusk and is pretty much right in the center of Kuna. It includes a picnic area, electricity, access to Indian Creek, a nice walking path, a BMX race track, a skateboard park, and Little League baseball fields for the children. If you would like reservations, you will need to contact the City Clerk’s office. The park is used by runners, bikers, kids, adults, and many other people who wish to have fun. Since it runs parallel to Indian Creek, there are plenty of places to sit along the way. There are also plenty of trees in this park, so you can find plenty of shade in order to read a book. It is also said that this park is great for having outdoor weddings!

Butler Park- Butler Park is located on the corner of Mendi Place and Goiri Street and is also open from dawn until dusk. Some of the items found in this park include playground equipment ideal for the children, swings, picnic tables, and plenty of open space to run around in. When it comes to reservations, you may reserve for anything from birthday parties to graduation parties to family reunions. However, it is important to mention that there are no covered areas and no electricity, so be prepared to face the sun. People love to come here because it is usually the ideal place to have a quiet picnic, away from the hustle and bustle of things. Besides alcohol and glass containers (which are also prohibited in all the other parks), you can’t have your dog off its leash, and it goes without saying there can be no vandalism on any of the equipment whatsoever.

Winchester Park- This park is near the corner of South Ten Mile and Yukon Drive, and it is open from dawn until dusk. There are many fun activities you may participate in, such as fishing, picnicking at the tables, having charcoal BBQ grills helping with your special occasion, playground equipment for the children to play with, swings, walking through a lovely rose garden, and having fun in the playing field with a soccer ball. When it comes to reservations, the park is available for both picnics and parties. There are also plenty of trees if you want to relax under the shade.

Nicholson Park- Nicholson Park is located off of Ten Mile Road and Sego Prairie Street and is open from dawn until dusk. Some things that this park has to offer are fishing, a nice picnic area, and access to Indian Creek. If you want to have any kind of party, family reunion, or other types of get-togethers, you can request more tables if more people come than expected. If you wish to go fishing, there is a decent sized pond that is full of fish all year long. All of the Fish and Game Rules, as well as the regulations, apply to fishing here. There is also a large open space for more picnic areas (besides the tables), and it is also big enough to play most any sport you desire to play. Even though alcohol is prohibited in most parks, you can have alcohol here, though ONLY if you have a catering permit.

Bernie Fisher Park- This last park is located on the South West corner of Main Street and Linder and is also open from dawn until dusk. Unlike most of the parks on this list, this park has ADA restrooms (much of the others have Porta Potties). They also have covered shelters if you wish to have your picnic and parties in the shade, playground equipment for the kids, swings, picnic tables, power, and charcoal grills to help with your special occasions. When it comes to reservations, there are two covered shelters that are available. There is also a Band Stand with power available. If you want to use the gazebo, be aware that there is limited power over there. Contact the City Clerk’s office to reserve your spot. During the summer, you may also discover the Farmers Market which is open every Saturday mornings from 8am-1pm. It is also the ideal place to have any event from weddings to church activities to the Kuna Days Celebration. This is another park that doesn’t allow alcohol unless you have a catering permit, and there are no dogs allowed off of its leash.

These are only a few of the amazing parks that are located in Kuna, so it is advised that you check out all of the parks in this area (especially the ones on this list!). If you have any other questions about what is or is not allowed in the parks, please contact the City Clerk’s office and/or check out the Kuna City website for more details. It is hoped that you will enjoy your experience. Have a great time!


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