Organizing Your Home The Easy Way

boise-home-7_400Ever wish you had a magic wand that you could just wave and everything would be in place? Most homeowners feel like that, especially when things begin to get out of hand. There are few of us that enjoy housework, and it is not difficult at all to let clutter set in. The simple fact is, however, that without de-cluttering housework is a bear that takes up much more time than necessary. If you happen to be one of these homeowners, you’ll find the following tips on how to de-clutter without a hassle more than helpful.The first thing to do is get rid of what you don’t need. That stack of magazines in the corner, are they really necessary? The newspapers, the old clothes that no longer fit, appliances that you no longer use, and so on. Get rid of them all! There is no reason for the garbage can, you can donate them to Goodwill and have a tax deduction. So, definitely get rid of everything that is no longer necessary in your home.
The next step is to organize. Get some boxes, bins, tins, whatever appeals to you. One great way to clear some space in your closet and drawers is to store away the clothes that are out of season. Under the bed storage boxes are great to store clothes that are out of season. Add a few cedar strips or balls so that the moths don’t get into them and they will be safe till the next season.boise-townhouse-2_400
Go room by room. You might like to start in the back of the home, or the kitchen. Take each room, get rid of everything that you have no need for, and begin to think of innovative ways to store items to get rid of the clutter. In the kitchen you might install hooks to hang your pots and pans, or a tier of bowls to store fruit and other items. In the bedroom you might add a magazine stand next to your nightstand so that the magazines don’t pile high. In the bathroom, you might add a baker’s rack and place all your linens on the bakers rack. There are a number of options for storing and de-cluttering. Begin to look at magazines for ideas. Shop the stores, and see what they have in storage lines. Get serious and get ready to organize to live a hassle free lifestyle.

About the author: Mike Pannell is a Houston Real Estate agent helping both sellers and buyers complete their real estate transactions.

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