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Beautiful River near Marsing, IDAre you ready for the time of your life? One of the many activities the Salmon River hosts is an activity known as Sprint Boat Racing.

What is this you may ask? In the early 1980's Brian Scott and some friends were watching car races in New Zealand when they came up with the idea to race boats in a similar manner. The sport quickly took off and has now spread across the world, including into Idaho. Not only has it become worldwide but it has evolved into a daring sport.

As any professional racecar driver will tell you, a specialized car is a necessity. This is also true of sprint boat racing. Due to the close quarters and the high probability of rolling the boat, rolls bars became installed and the engines became better equipped to handle high speeds. 

Beautiful Idaho View

Sprint Boat drivers are no stranger to danger. An accident on a sprint boat can mean death as the boat rolls or crashes. As such, the United States Sprint Boating Association (USSBA) has regulations to help increase the safety of the races. These are listed on their web page with the year's racing schedule and news. Some of the more general rules are:

-    All Boats and Drivers must comply with the Association's Inspection List
-    All Drivers must have been issued a valid U.S. Spring Boat Association Driver's License
-    The use of safety equipment is mandatory

USSBA has many more rules to help ensure the safety of all who participate in the races.  

The excitement of the races along with the beautiful landscape and  popular Salmon River (also known as The River of No Return), makes Idaho real estate very popular. You can find many beautiful Idaho homes that run right along the river. You will be right in the middle of the Sprint boat races that are located on the river and be able to enjoy them within the comforts of your own backard. Enjoy the beautiful national forests and the great community activities that Idaho has to offer. 

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