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On the Road Again on Idaho's Byways

Beautiful Waterfall in Idaho's ForestPeople who come to the area searching for Idaho real estate are often in awe of the grand scenic beauty of Idaho's byways. With over 30 different scenic byways, people can live anywhere in the state and enjoy the rich beauty Idaho has to offer. Those looking for properties in Boise and the surrounding areas get their choice of 12 scenic byways alone. Below is a brief, alphabetical listing of what West and Central Idaho has to offer.

#1 – City of Rocks Back Country Byway
At 49 miles long, this byway covers points of interest such as Connor Creek and the City of Rocks National Reserve.

#2 – Hells Canyon Scenic Byway
This 22 mile byway shows the beauty of Hells Canyon and the Oxbow Reservoir.

#3 – Oregon Trail Back Country Byway
As a day trip out of Boise, this byway is a long 102 miles of road showing many different aspects of Idaho, such as Ditto Creek, and Bonneville Point.

#4 – Owyhee Uplands Back Country Byway
This byway is also a day trip out of Boise, with 101 miles of scenic byway—showing points of interest such as Grand View and Bruneau Dunes State Park.

#5 – Payette River Scenic Byway
From New Meadows to Boise, this byway is 111.7 miles and covers sights such as the Payette River, and Rainbow Bridge.

#6 – Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway
Stretching 130.9 miles from Boise to Stanley, Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway has multiple points of interest, including the Boise Diversion Dam and Stanley Lake.

#7 – Salmon River Scenic Byway
161.7 miles long, this byway reaches the Montana State Line from Stanley. Points of interest include Historic Custer and the Tower Rock Recreation Site.

#8 – Sawtooth Scenic Byway
At 115.7 miles, points of interest include the Mammoth Cave and Wood River Mines.

Beautiful View of the Snake River#9 – Snake River Canyon Scenic Byway
This jaunt of 53 miles includes sites such as the Pump Road Overlook.

#10 – Thousand Springs Scenic Byway
At 67.8 miles long, this byway shows off not only Shoshone Falls but Thousand Springs too.

#11 – Western Heritage Historic Byway
This 47 mile byway includes the Dedication Point Overlook.

#12 – Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway
With 33 miles of byway, this area includes Big Falls Viewpoint and Pioneer Cemetery.

The Idaho State Government hasa complete list of all the scenic byways (including maps and historic information) that tourists and residents enjoy. 

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Anita Clark wrote: This is a wonderful collection of west and central Idaho byways to show off your beautiful landscape. Residents and visitors alike will appreciate this handy list.

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 4:12pm.

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