Home Ideas: Renovate Your Home Creatively


There are several ways to add practicality and uniqueness to the design and layout of your home. Many people want to add a touch of personalization to their home style but simply don’t have ideas. Here’s your chance, with several cool, unique ideas to change your home.


A Book Shelf

You’ve heard of a bookshelf, but have you heard about shelves that are made of books? This design is quite simple. Install brackets and studs into a wall, and lay down the books horizontally as the shelving units. You can use it to hold any number of objects -- even more books!

Magazine Rack Display

Why stick these excellent storage units in a doctor’s office when instead they could be used at home? These are unique ways to display your papers, keys, or decorations. If it is an older model, use a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into it. Craftier people might try mod-podging the surface for a wild, for a more eclectic look.  

Maximize Your Closet

Do you need just a little more room to hang your clothes in your closet or laundry room? Have you considered using a chair? Hang and secure a folding chair onto a wall, and unfold it so the seat is down. This seat makes for an excellent shelf to stack folded clothes, and the structural bars of the legs can be used for hangers. Not only can these fold back up when not in use, but can be a great place to store extra seating.

Put It On Your Tab

You know what they say - reduce, reuse, and recycle. If you’re searching to pair your clothes together (tired of not finding the other part of your suit?), attach an aluminum pop tab to the base of your coat hanger. The second hole in the tab is just the right size for a second standard coat hanger. You can create chains of hangers this way.  

Bathroom Decorating

Many people try to alleviate the boredom in their bathroom. You may paint your walls, you can replace your tile, but have you colored your bathtub? This works best if you have a cast iron tub. Prime the outside of your tub with a shellac primer, and then use an enamel paint. This can be as subtle or as wild as you wish, and is an easy way to bring color into your bathroom.

Just Hanging Around

Wooden ladders echo the contemporary lines in most bathrooms, as well as introducing a much needed organic element into the space. But these ladders don’t need to be merely decorational. With the right ladder, you can replace your towel hanger completely. The rungs of a ladder can hold multiple towels at once, and with a big enough ladder you don’t even need to damage your wall.  

Toddler Desk Jobs

When furnishing a baby’s room, the most expensive purchase is usually the crib. But when the crib becomes too small, you don’t need to junk it. Refurbish it. By removing one of the sides, leveling the top, and placing either a wooden board or glass sheet on top, you’ve turned the crib into a sophisticated desk surface with an ornate bottom.

You Never Have Too Much Storage

This trick works great whether you’ve decided to turn your crib into a credenza, a buffet, or a desk. Remove one of the sides, and fit it in the inside of the crib below the new top. You now have a second shelf to keep things on. If you’re concerned with things falling through the slats, add a second level of wood or glass on top.


Avoid the Exposure

No one wants to be exposed, especially when it comes to your concrete slab foundation. These can stick out like a sore thumb, and offer absolutely no appeal to the exterior of the home. Utilize this space to add value to your home instead of detracting from it. With faux stone panels, you can give what was previously a cement foundation character and dimension. These panels can be made to look like rock, brick, or wood as well.

No Paint, No Gain

Are electrical boxes, water pumps, or other similar items an eyesore on your home? When you can't cover them up with bushes or other plants, paint them the same color as the exterior of your house. This nifty camouflage idea should be done carefully, however. Paint that dries on a box or valve could make it difficult to operate.

The Annoying AC

Air conditioning units that are placed outside may be handy for stopping the heat, but their bulky and obtrusive frames are definitely not cool. These units should never be covered, but they can be hidden with lattice fences, old room dividers that will hold up to the weather, or even spare window shutters. These can also be used to hide other unsightly outdoor objects, such as trash bins.

Delightful Doorway

Whether it leads to an entry hall or Narnia, there is no excuse for a boring door. It is often what most people will be staring at while they wait for it to be opened. What color is your door? Is it wood, glass, or plastic? Adding a splash of color or some molding can create a much more interesting face to your house.


Windows need not only be functional -- they can also be fun. Adding flower boxes below the windows or installing shutters can make a window look larger, and are another opportunity to add dimension to the front of the home. On the outside, the window should look inviting. For example, you could add window boxes. This will add the effect of making the windows look larger. Also, window boxes can add to and accent the landscaping around your home. Another thing to consider adding to windows are shutters. Shutters also make windows look larger and adds color to the exterior of your home. Make them pop.


Believe it or not, your mailbox can set the tone of your home. Make sure that it isn’t overlooked. This can be a simple renovation by either buying and installing a mailbox, repainting your old mail box, or adding greenery or other plants around the mail box.  Along with this idea is a cool one.





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