Now Where Do I Put That Laundry Room...?

See What's InsideAny mom knows the challenges of laundry. Like most it seems as soon as you finish up one batch there is anther huge pile growing faster and faster like some sort of monster. Unfortunately doing laundry is an essential task that some do every day. The location of a laundry room can make the job easier or more difficult depending on how far it is from other main areas of the house.

There once was a time when the laundry room was located in the basement of a house, something you'll find in a lot of well establish homes in Idaho. This location was best because the pipes required for the plumbing system were also located in the basement.

However, over time, it became necessary to move the laundry room to a more convenient location in the home. There are some homes where the laundry room is found in hall closets and others where it is located right next to the kitchen. Choosing the best location for you situation depends on the lifestyle of the people living in your hoime.

Locating the laundry room upstairs near bedrooms is advantageous because the dirty clothes can easily be placed in the washing area and then quickly returned to the proper rooms when they are clean. This area of the house addresses the close proximity of the laundry room to the areas where clothing is stored. This prevents the need from moving to a different location in the house to place the dirty laundry and collect the clean items. However, the noise created by doing the laundry can be a nuisance particularly when people are sleeping in the bedrooms. The laundry room can also create a great deal of moisture and heat making the bedroom area of the house warmer and more humid. Finally, any potential water problems from leaks can create a great deal of damage in the bedrooms.

A One Story Floor PlanOn the other hand locating the laundry room near the kitchen can make the job easier as many homeowners find themselves in the kitchen area for large periods of time. The pipes and wiring required for the kitchen appliances are also necessary for the washer and dryer, making this another good reason for placing a laundry room near the kitchen area. It is best to locate the laundry appliances in a separate location off the kitchen in order to prevent any food items from getting into the clean clothes.
Really one of the best things to do would be to tour some of the homes on the market in the community. This will give you a feel for different layouts and help you see the pro's and con's of each.

If possible, install a laundry chute that will make it quick to  transport any dirt clothes from the upstairs to the downstairs area. This chute can be located in the bathroom making it simple and easy to slide dirty clothes and towels down to the laundry room. This reduces any need to go up and get any dirty laundry. Keep laundry baskets in the laundry room to make it easier to carry the clean clothes back upstairs.

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