Camel's Back Park: Your Options are Endless

As you reach the top of the hill, you pause to look back down the trail. Below you, you can see the beautiful green grass of the rest of the park, dotted with trees. But the trees don’t stop at the park. They spread far into the horizon, with the occasional house or building peeking through. You’re looking out over the beautiful community of Boise’s North End and Hyde Park. From the top of Camel’s Back Park, you have an incredible view of the city, and the surrounding foothills. This park is a favorite of Boise’s residents, and for good reason.

The views are incredible, the hiking along the trails is magnificent, and Camel’s Back Park is bursting with fun activities that you can participate in year round. Being able to head outside and enjoy the outdoors is important to Idahoans and Boise residents, and the park certainly has plenty to offer. If parks, green spaces, and the Idaho wilderness are important to you, you won’t go wrong buying real estate in Boise. You’ll have plenty to keep you occupied, because the beauty of nature is always right outside your door.

Fun in the Park

Camel’s Back Park is a popular park in Boise, and for good reason. There’s a lot that you can do here. There are nearly three miles of hiking trails, so you can hit the trail and explore the beautiful hills, animal life, and plant life. The Boise Foothills are home to some incredibly rare and amazing plants, and many of them grow at Camel’s Back Park. But enjoying the trails isn’t the only thing that you can do here. There are plenty of other outdoor recreational activities for you to enjoy.

  • There are four tennis courts in Camel’s Back Park, so you can always get a quick game in. If you’d like, you can even reserve a tennis court for private use. One court must be accessible to the public at all times, though, so even if the other courts are reserved, you can still enjoy a quick game of tennis.
  • If tennis isn’t quite your sport, you can always try out another one. You can play beach volleyball at the park. Enjoy the fun and sand of volleyball, just minus the ocean or lake. There are two beach volleyball courts next to the tennis courts. If you want to get outside and enjoy the sun, Camel’s Back Park has you covered.
  • Tennis and beach volleyball aren’t the only sports you can participate in at Camel’s Back Park, though. There are also practice fields. These are usually used by local soccer groups, but they are free most weekdays and early evenings. So head outside and start up a friendly game of soccer!
  • Perhaps you’d prefer just to enjoy being out in the sun with some good food. Camel’s Back Park is a popular picnic spot. If you’d like, you can reserve the park for a larger gathering, and enjoy a nice picnic outside with friends and family.
  • The park isn’t just a nice place for some sports or a picnic, though. The hill makes Camel’s Back Park the perfect place for checking out the views. Watch the fireworks from here. Come back at night and do some stargazing.
  • In the winter, the hill at Camel’s Back Park becomes popular for another reason. With enough snow, the hill becomes a fantastic place to go sledding.
  • The biggest event of the year, though, would have to be the Hyde Park Street Fair. This is an annual event, spanning multiple days. Enjoy good food, good music, and a lot more.

Always Something to Do

Buying a house in Boise doesn’t mean you’re just buying a home. You’re buying a lifestyle. And with places like Camel’s Back Park almost literally in your backyard, you’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle that you want, whenever you want. With easy access to the rest of the Boise Foothills, Camel’s Back Park is a gateway to adventure.

With outdoor recreational activities like mountain biking, hiking, sports, watersports, and more, you’ll never run of out fun in Boise. You don’t have to give up the city in order to enjoy the outdoors. Boise is proof of that. Enjoy your lifestyle, without giving up the city, and live in the best of both worlds.

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