Nampa May Just Be Perfect For You


Just a short commute into the capital city, Nampa, the largest city in Canyon County, is a great choice for anyone looking to save money on their next home purchase without sacrificing style or size. If you need more information on Nampa homes, feel free to call (208) 571-7145 to speak to an agent and learn more.

Buying a home in Nampa offers more square footage for the dollar. Many homebuyers have found that the short 30-minute-or-less commute into Boise is worth the savings on their new residence, and if your home is close to the freeway, the travel-time is even shorter! Recently, commercial industry has increased rapidly in Nampa, bringing with it some great places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Because of this, it is less likely that you will have the need to travel much further than your own neighborhood to find what you are looking for.

The type, style, and size of home you are looking for will determine in which part of Nampa you will want to search for your next home. With interest rates low, it is a great time to consider purchasing a townhouse, duplex, or other investment property. Many of these properties can be found in south Nampa, around the Northwest Nazarene University Campus (NNU).


Why rent, when you can afford to live in Nampa for less than your monthly rent payment? If you are a first-time homebuyer, you can find just what you are looking for in one of the many new residential communities throughout the city. Smaller families may prefer an established home with mature landscaping that is closer to the city's commercial amenities, which also offers low monthly mortgage payments.

If you are seeking to upgrade your home and want to live somewhere with a view, look no further than the south western area of Nampa. Beautiful custom homes overlook Lake Lowell, where there are year-round opportunities for recreation; including bass fishing, boating and waterskiing, and hunting. Or maybe a home near the new Hunter's Point Golf Course suits your lifestyle better. A home near this golf course is another popular Nampa destination for those pursuing the opportunity to be away from town without sacrificing home size, style, or serenity, and many residential builders are eager to build a dream home for you!

Whatever your reason for coming to Nampa, you will be glad you did. The amenities in Nampa are widespread, and give homebuyers the opportunity to have more of a house for less money.

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