Moving to Twin Falls, ID

A day in Twin Falls would likely start with crossing one of the most iconic bridges in the greater Northwest, the Perrine Bridge. Boasting incredible views over the Snake River and the Snake River Canyon, the bridge offers overlooks ideal for pulling over and taking out the camera. Find pathways ideal for exploration with interpretive signage with additional information on the area and a little about the history that helped make this city great. The Perrine Bridge is famous among outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy base jumping and revel in witnessing the incredible feats accomplished while conquering the vast open air. When passing by or traveling along the bridge, many may effortlessly witnesses this fun-filled accomplishment and display while simply driving across the bridge. Many local dining facilities and options boast incredible views overlooking the canyon if grabbing a bite to eat is the goal when arriving in town.

The Twin Falls region brags mostly an arid and dry environment at first glance, though, throughout the seasons, the city transforms into a utopia-like oasis. The city of Twin Falls sprawls across the heart of the desert floor of the southern portions of the state spotted with sagebrush, biennial wormwood, black sagebrush, deer-root, black mustard, dragon wormwood, dwarf sage-brush, and white-sagebrushes. Plentiful greenery transcends along the river frontage in the spring and summer months as the water cuts through the Snake River Canyon, creating a rich landscape filled with plant life strewn about the desert floors. Above the canyon rests the spacious croplands and plains dotted with vegetation and agriculture. Traveling across the terrain will present a countryside decorated by farms, homes and pastures. Crops of alfalfa, corn, potatoes, and onions sprawled across the terrain, presenting a colorful palette of yellows and greens. During the fall months, pumpkin crops are a popular and beautiful addition to the colorful landscapes. Venturing closer to the Perrine Bridge and the Snake River Canyon reveals a welcoming visitors center packed with information about the area, neat historical and informative interpretive signage, with the addition of the neighboring Snake River Canyon Rim Trail scenic greenbelt. Purchasing souvenirs, reviewing area maps, area information, learning more about the makeup and history of the city and its development, or simply enjoying checking out all the neat knick-knacks makes for  great mid-day stops. The visitors center parking lot boasts EVgo fast recharging stations ideal for charging the car while enjoying a stop-in at the visitor’s center. The surrounding centers offer shopping opportunities as well as a significant array of dining options.

Pack up the bicycles, the longboard, rollerblades, a skateboard, or whatever means of travel you enjoy that follow greenbelt guidelines and get prepared to take delight in exploring the Twin Falls area via the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail and scenic pathway. Bring the camera. Heading Northwest along the greenbelt will lead travelers to the section of the greenbelt that overlooks Centennial Waterfront Park, Zip the Snake with AWOL adventure sports, Blue Lakes - Jerome Golf, and the golf course areas. Heading Southeast takes explorers towards Shoshone Falls and boasts opportunities to check out the bridge viewpoint, a snake river scenic overlook, and further down the way a beautiful seasonal waterfall. There are visitors and locals out enjoying and exploring the area most often year-round. Be sure to check local regulations for the dog on a leash or off-leash rules depending on the areas that you decide to explore if wanting to bring along pets or accompanying companions. You may get lucky and witness an enthusiast-base jumper leaping to new heights as they plunge into the Snake River Canyon flying over the shimmering water of the Snake River. While others may enjoy grabbing the kayak, canoe, or perhaps taking out the jet skis. Water fun certainly is enjoyable but keep in mind it's seasonal and keeping the calendar full of fun things to do year-round min including taking up a new hobby to keep you busy all year. Those who don't mind the colder temperatures but enjoy staying close to the water might enjoy snow or ice fishing.

Enjoy mountain biking, is mountain biking, tracking area trails alongside the Snake River water. Sir. Enjoy birding and area wildlife. Check out the visitor's center and interpretive signage and historical markers. Perhaps it would be fun to get distracted by OHV trails, twisting and turning, banking and jumping, creating the perfect opportunities for photos. Outdoor enthusiasts may consider ziplining with water views or perhaps spending the morning enjoying a great day at one of the area's golf courses. Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding kayaking, and canoeing to pillar fall can make for a popular activity not to mention floating the river and water sports.

Perhaps you like hunting waterfalls be sure to keep a planner or notebook that will help keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Waterfalls are a bit tricky and largely depend on area snowfalls, weather, and various other factors. The waterfalls that were roaring brimming with water and presenting a beautiful display may not be the same waterfall in a few weeks or at the same time next year. Bring the camera!! The best times to visit are going to be early Spring during the snowmelt offseason. Bring along a picnic basket, thrive with some brochures and additional information to learn more about the falls to make sure of a full experience. If you enjoy waterfall hunting then be sure to consider adding pillar falls to the list of places to go when visiting the city of Twin Falls.

Area places to go and things to do might include heading over to Bruneau Sand Dunes Park, where you may enjoy a wide variety of fun activities outdoors. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Reserve is a brilliant destination ideal for exploring caves through prior planning, necessary permits apply. For extra details on the park, reservations, maps, and more, the Robert Limbert Visitors Center composed a unique resource for place information. Lewis and Clark's Oregon trail cuts through southern portions of the state, traversing across dangerous river crossings, deserts, and mountains. Be sure to check out one of the many various shops, museums, and trails options if this may be of interest to you. Last but not least just south of the city of Buhl, near Salmon Falls Creek Canyon, presents the incredible Balanced Rock. Boasting over a display of 48 feet in height, this fascinating wind-carved rock balances perfectly on a pedestal that only offers a foundation of 3 feet by 17 inches. As this would be one of the closer destinations to town, you may consider bringing along a picnic basket packed with all the extras and heading over to the nearby Balanced Rock Park for a midday picnic. The park boasts soaring canyon walls, beautiful waters of Salmon Falls Creek, and covered seating options.

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