Moving to Idaho, what you should know


So you are moving to Idaho? Congratulations! You are moving to one of the very best places in the world! There are so many things you will come to love about the glorious Gem State, from the delicious local fruits and vegetables, delightful outdoor activities (especially in the winter!), and breathtaking scenery that you will never be able to forget. Just about everyone who moves to Idaho grows to fall in love with some aspect of the state, see which part you fall in love with first!

Many people know Idaho as “the Cold State”. Well, believe it or not, that isn’t its nickname but you will definitely experience some months that are chillier than others. This is not a negative thing though, because the cold weather allows for some of Idaho’s best outdoor activities, like snowmobile riding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and of course, skiing and snowboarding! The state is covered with mountains, and wherever you go in the state you will find a great place to go for a ski trip. One of the best and most well-known ski resorts is in Sun Valley, where the Bald and Dollar Mountains seem to have been created specifically for the purpose of these amazing winter sports! Skiing has been a favorite activity on these mountains for many years, with Dollar Mountain actually being the home of the very first chairlift! Dollar Mountain also has clear slopes without any trees or rocks in the way, so it's smooth sailing down the mountain, and you can go every which way you can! Dollar also has beginner slopes for those just starting to get into skiing. The slopes of Bald Mountain have no plateaus or flat spots, allowing skiers to satisfyingly glide down the mountain as fast as they want to go. The resort itself and its many lodges are also quite luxurious and provide amazing relaxation and a nice hot meal after a day going down the hills. It is really no wonder why some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities have homes in Sun Valley!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Idaho’s potatoes! In fact, forgetting this vegetable is hard to do when it is all around you in the Gem State! Not only are 1/3 of the United States’ potato crop from Idaho (the state grows more than 13 billion lbs. of potatoes every year!), but companies producing potatoes are also responsible for the popularity of French fries and tater tots all over the United States! The Idaho weather during the day and night, the fresh water, and the rich soil provide the ideal combination to grow this delicious vegetable in its highest quality, as discovered by pioneers from Utah in the 1800s. One of the nicest things about living in Idaho is that you can drop by just about any local farmers market or grocery store to get the best potatoes in the world! In addition to these, you will always find fantastic local French fries and tater tots.

Out of all the lower 48 states, Idaho has the most wilderness untouched by man. This provides the best outdoor exploration you could ask for, as well as countless adventures outdoors. While the winter is absolutely skiing season, the summer also has all kinds of fun activities when you take a step outside. One favorite activity among Idahoans is white water rafting. With miles upon miles of rivers spread across the state, there are many amazing white water adventures to take. The Salmon River is a popular place for a rafting trip, where you can have a blast for a week flying down the river, with nice beaches to camp at. July and August are the best months to take this trip, as the “River of No Return” is nearly the perfect temperature. Another beloved rafting location for Idaho residents is along the famous Snake River in Hells Canyon on the border of Idaho and Oregon, where you can find the biggest rapids in the region of the Pacific Northwest. While just gliding through that enormous canyon is an adventure in and of itself, The history around the area makes it a trip through time as well! Many Native American landmarks are in the canyon as well as wildlife like mountain goats and beautiful eagles. The waters in this river gorge make for great swimming during your trip as well, as they are the ideal temperature that you would want for a long trip like this one. As you get settled into your new Idaho home, be sure to plan for one of these unforgettable adventures!

Perhaps the thing you should know the most before moving to Idaho is that you are going to have your breath taken away with gorgeous scenery. While the name of the Gem state did originally come from all the dazzling gems that can be found in the state, the name certainly applies just as much to the gem that is Idaho’s beauty. There are many wonderful words that can be used to describe the scenery, but gem seems to be the most fitting. A few “gems” of the Gem state include Shoshone Falls along the Snake River and the largeness of these completely natural falls are definitely worth a trip. Also, at 212 ft, the Shoshone Falls are even higher than the famous Niagara Falls! Hells Canyon was mentioned as an amazing place to go on a rafting trip, but visitors will also be stunned by its incredible depth, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon and as a result is the deepest river gorge in North America at an astonishing depth of 7,993 ft! Its ten-mile width is definitely worth taking a panoramic photo of. It won’t be long after moving into Idaho that there are even more amazing sights!

Idaho is excited to have you! As you make your move up to the state, be sure to keep in mind these great activities and awesome things to check out, and enjoy your stay in Idaho!


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