Moving to Boise, Idaho?


Thinking about moving to Boise, Idaho? Here's everything you need to know.

Boise demographics: Boise, Idaho has over 205,000 people, and is the most populous city in the state. The Boise city-metro area has over 600,000 people, and is the most populated area between Salt Lake City and Portland, Oregon. It is the 104th largest U.S city by population.

Boise neighborhoods: Boise is divided into many different personalities, from downtown to the North End to the West end where you'll find the state's premier shopping area with Boise Towne Square Mall. Which Boise neighborhood is the best is largely subjective and depends upon your personal needs. You may be concerned about some "unknown" neighborhoods Boise might be harboring that you want to stay away from, but the best part about Boise, well, one of the best parts about Boise is there are no bad neighborhoods. Safely walk the streets in any Boise area, and you'll also notice the clean streets and the lack of larger city problems like graffiti.

Boise traffic: Boise's commute times are below the national average, and you can drive from one end of the city to the other in under 30 minutes. People who move to Boise from larger areas praise Boise's traffic, and find it to be a huge relief, even during prime rush hour time periods. Boise is growing, and the Idaho Transportation department recently constructed a new I-84 interchange at Ten Mile Road in Meridian. Several improvements were made to the surrounding roadways, including new on and off-ramps at Ten Mile, extensions to Tasa Drive to Overland Road, and widening Ten Mile from 2 to 4 lanes between Overland and Franklin. The interchange successfully opened last May.


Boise weather: Boise has magnificent weather. Idaho is a true four seasons destination, where people enjoy the diversified activities that come with each season. Whatever the season is, you'll find Boise to be moderate. The average snowfall hovers right around 19 to 20 inches a year, and the valleys generally stay dry and cold during the coldest months of the year. Idaho enjoys the snow via a brief drive up the mountain to the Bogus Basin Ski Area. Summer can reach high temperatures in the 90's, but the humidity is low or absent, and a seemingly perpetual breeze is always passing by.

Boise life: Boise is a way of life. It's a vibrant community with genuinely friendly people and a unified love of the city. Boise is alive with an arts and culture scene, downtown life, vast parks and recreation, museums, and countless area recreation that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy. People love the Boise Greenbelt system that runs 25 miles along the beautiful Boise River, perfect for runners, walkers, bikers, and walking the dog. Fishing and floating along the river is also a favorite past time, or hiking and biking the endless Boise Foothills trails.

Boise is magnificent, not only because of all the above mentioned reasons, but also because of the strong diversified economy, low unemployment and crime, and affordable living.

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