New Boise Home? Here's Some Tips for Moving in

Thinking of moving to Boise or the surrounding areas? When it comes to big events and even bigger purchases in your life, nothing compares with the excitement (and often terror) of buying a house. But you can do it. You'll be able to survive the house hunt, appraisals, inspections, and bidding wars, and you will come out on top. With the help of your Hughes Group real estate agent, you will find the house of your dreams. You'll be super excited to move in.

You should be excited. Buying a house is a big deal, and after you close on the house, the real excitement and adventure begins. Now, you get to start working on turning that house into your home. If you aren’t moving in right away, because of an apartment lease, or you’re still selling your previous home, you’ll have a bit of an advantage when it comes to moving into your new home. But, if you have to move in right away, that’s no problem either. No matter what your situation, there are some things you need to do first when you’re moving into your new home.

No. 1- Changing Locks

Before anything else, this is probably the most important thing you can do when moving into a new house. Be honest, how many people had keys to your old house? Now, do you think the current homeowner will be any different? Precisely. While they may have turned in most of the keys, you just never know.

Fortunately, locks are really easy and inexpensive to replace. The cost is nothing compared to the peace of mind that you’ll have. You’ll be the only one with keys to your new home, and you will know that for certain. You won’t have to worry if someone will accidentally come into your house because they still had a key to the old lock. Plus, this is a great way to start making your house your own. Locks and door knobs aren’t just good security; they’re also great accent features you can use to start personalizing your new home.

No. 2- Double Check Leaks and Repairs

If you had a home inspection, and you should have, the inspector would have already looked for leaks. Unfortunately, leaks don’t always show themselves in the short time that the inspector is at the house. It never hurts to double check to make sure, so you won’t be surprised. An article on HouseLogic has a great tip. Turn off all the water in your house. Check your water meter, and then check it again two hours later. If there are any leaks, the reading will change. If the reading doesn’t change, you should be safe.

This is also a great time to double check any repairs if they had to be made before you closed on the house. If you catch any issues now, you’ll be able to have the contractors repair their work if they did something wrong. Or, you’ll be that much more comfortable knowing that they did a good job.

No. 3- Clean the Carpets

Before you start moving furniture in, clean the house, and especially the carpets. While the previous homeowner might have cleaned the house, they don’t have to. Doing it yourself, or hiring a professional service, let’s you know for certain that the carpets are clean. You can rent a steam cleaner for around $30 or so a day, and it’s worth doing.

No. 4- Clean Out the Cabinets

Before you start putting away clean dishes or linens, clean the cabinets. Again, while the previous homeowner might have cleaned, you’ll want to do it yourself to be absolutely certain. You really don’t want to put away clean items just to find out the cabinets were dirty. You might even find unexpected surprises which you can solve now, instead of waiting until there’s a big problem.

No. 5- Exterminator

You might have found evidence of mice or other pests when cleaning. This is part of why you did the cleaning, even if you didn’t need to. Now, you’ve caught the issue early, and can get the situation taken care of before it becomes a real problem.

No. 6- Find the Breaker Box

This is an important one. It’s always a really good idea to learn where your home’s breaker box is, and what all of the breakers control. If you ever have to do any work on a light fixture or outlet, knowing where the breaker box is and which breaker you need to turn off is a really good thing to know. If you have to hire an electrician for anything, you can also tell them where everything is, and it’ll make their job easier.

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