Mountain Home, Idaho


Mountain Home is a beautiful rural town with great economic potential, low housing cost, plenty of recreational activities and extremely nice people. The atmosphere in Mountain Home fits the slow pace of a country life that you may be seeking after. The quality of life is quite high due to the fact that the people of Mountain Home move at their own pace but they are still hard working and can make a living for themselves. The crime rate is low and the town feels very safe. There is low stress and high gain for most people that live in this area and that can be you if you make the move to Mountain Home. While the pace of life is not as fast as the city life pace it is not sleepy by any means. There are plenty of things to do and a lot of great places to live. Most people that already live in Mountain Home are extremely warm and kind and most everyone knows everyone. There is an overwhelming welcoming feel and there are a lot of opportunities to make new friends and network on a personal or professional level. This important for many reasons but most importantly it will help many be successful in any business endeavors those looking to relocate plan to take on.

The town of Mountain Home has a wealth of job growth potential despite its small town environment. Due to low utility cost and housing cost Mountain home is an excellent place for new business owners. There are a lot of resources available to you if you are looking to become a business owner in Mountain Home. The state of Idaho as a whole is growing and all the cities and towns are working to keep up with the growth and provide a place for everyone to live and work. This means that local business is supported and encouraged by the local government. It is a huge benefit to have the government fighting in your corner when it comes to owning a business. There are also companies that are already in motion that will be expanding and looking for more employees so you will have an easier time finding a job. While there is growth going on in this area for businesses there is still a big agriculture community in Mountain Home that you can become a part of. Though the area is small there are some big benefits to moving to Mountain Home as far as the economy is concerned.

Along with great homes, Mountain Home provides a fun place to participate in outdoor activities. It is a great recreational town that encourages an outdoor lifestyle from its citizens. If you like to be outside and enjoying nature in an active and fun way you are in the right place. There are a lot of great ways to get involved with your community. There are adventures camps, zip-lining tours, white water rafting trips and more that are put on by the town and help you get involved with the people that are in your community. You can go hiking, fishing and more within minutes of leaving your home. If there is something that you would like to do that is not within the limits of the town then it is most likely not too far away and can be done with a short road trip. On the days that you want to stay in there are cooking and knitting classes that you can participate in and have fun while learning a new skill that you can use in your daily life. You can network in an enjoyable and low pressure environment.

If you live in Mountain Home you are sure to enjoy it. There are great jobs available to sustain the lifestyle you choose and there are plenty of things to do on your days off. There are low cost, high quality homes that you can settle in comfortably. It is a great place to go if you are looking for the laid back country life but with some fun activities available. Mountain Home has its own pace of life that has a slow rhythm of work, play and relaxation. Most business hours are nine to five and the people are extremely kind and welcoming. Whether you like to hunt and fish in the great outdoors or you want to learn a new skill and take a community class you will be able to find a fun pastime and maybe even a new hobby. There are great activities to do for a range of ages and there are a lot of new talents that can be learned with the amount of time people have available.


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