Mountain Biking in Boise


Over the past several years, biking has become increasingly important to those living in Boise and the surrounding areas. Although biking, in general, is a popular pastime and mode of transportation for many of the residents of the collective Treasure Valley, mountain biking in particular has become a very popular hobby across a diverse demographic of residents. This rise in popularity for the sport could very well be due to the foothills located in Boise on the east side of the city where a vast multi-recreational trail system has been created.

The evidence of the importance of mountain biking to area culture can be seen through local organizations like the Boise Bicycle Project which is located in Boise and allows for people to donate and recycle old bikes, to find affordable bikes if they are currently lacking one, and to learn to inexpensively repair and maintain the bikes that they already have. It can also be seen through the extensive and well maintained trail systems located throughout the Treasure Valley, and through the different events that happen in relation to mountain biking throughout the year. It has become a goal of the Boise Bicycle Project to turn Boise into the biking capital of the US, and with the growing population of mountain biking supporters and participants, it is possible that the BBP may someday reach that goal.

For those wanting to join in on the fun and reap the healthy benefits of an activity such as mountain biking, the easiest place to look for trail information is on the website for Ridge to Rivers. Thisbiking3_sm_300 organization is known for helping to maintain the local foothills ecology and organizes restoration for areas of the trail experiencing erosion due to overuse or misuse. Along with promoting the importance of remembering the health of the environment that the trails go through, they have information on which of the foothills’ trails can be used for biking, which ones are to only be used for foot traffic or other designated activities, and trail conditions to help enthusiasts know the best time to use the trails and when they should be avoided due to conditions that may harm the foothills.

Mountain biking is not only closely available to those living in Boise proper, the Eagle Sports Complex is located in Eagle, Idaho and brings the sport closer to those living on the west end of the valley. The complex’s mountain biking attractions are promoted and maintained by the Boise Area Mountain Bike Association, or BAMBA. This group came together in 2010 because of the passion they had for the activity. Their desire to coordinate into a nonprofit came from their eagerness to tell as many people as possible about the facility, and their collective interest in making sure the facility remained in a well maintained state.  As they organized, they aligned themselves with the International Mountain Bike Association which helps give them a broader voice in order to get the word out about the complex’s multi-use cross country trails, pump track, dirt jump area, down-hill trails, and free ride features (BAMBA).

The options for bicyclists in Boise are varied, and the extensive trail system for mountain biking plays a large role in the area biking culture and community. There are resources for those wishing to start the activity, as well as for those who are experienced mountain bikers. The Boise foothills provide a beautiful backdrop to the city, but they are also great for recreation and an amazing way to view the city from a different vantage point. Mountain biking in Boise is something that gives a different view of the city and has created a sense of community for many of the valley’s residents.

If mountain biking is something that you enjoy, Boise has many amazing housing options available within minutes, and sometimes seconds of the trails.

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