Mistakes to Avoid When You are Ready to Sell


Can you recall the days when putting an ad in the newspaper and hiring a Realtor to put a for sale sign in the yard were all it took to get buyers flocking to your home for a preview? Perhaps you lived in a real estate market with a shortage of available properties, and buyers started a bidding war, resulting in your home selling for more than the asking price. Those were the days!

In today's market, you are competing against new construction, foreclosures, and the upgraded home down the street, so you need a firm plan to get your home seen and sold. Whether it is Warner Robins real estate or a home for sale in Boise Idaho, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid when ready to sell your home.

Choosing the Wrong Agent

Your friend from church, the lady down the block, and even the person your hairdresser recommended are probably all nice people but that does not mean they are the right Realtor to get your home marketed and sold. Take your time and do an online search to see who is actively selling homes in your area. Why online? Because according to the National Association of Realtors over 90% of new buyers begin their home search on the Web. It makes sense to go where consumers are going so your online search for a real estate agent might include:

· Does their Website have real-time search capabilities

interior_basement5_sm_300· Are they competitive in Google searches (i.e. "your city" real estate, homes for sale in "your city", etc.)

· Are they an active local blogger (ex: http://sellingwarnerrobins.com)

· Do they create subdivision/community videos

· Are virtual tours of their other listings professional looking

· Do they have an active social media business presence

· Are their testimonials verifiable

· Are online reviews of the service they provide available (i.e. Yelp, Zillow, etc.)

Once you have your short list of candidates, interview each, and choose the real estate agent you believe will give your home the most opportunities to be viewed online, seen in person, and ultimately sold.

Pricing too High

Listen to your Realtors recommendation, especially when they back up their suggested list price with supporting facts. If you are unable or unwilling to list your home in your agents recommended price range, then it is probably not the right time to sell your home. Typically, homes priced too high will not have many showings and will sit on the market until a realistic price adjustment occurs. Remember, this is your real estate agents chosen profession...they know the local real estate market best.

Poor Condition

interior_sun_room_sm_300Most consumers will not pay top dollar for a home that requires work. The more work that needs to occur, the less likely buyers are going to be interested in the property. Keeping your home in good condition is optimal, but if there are issues, they need to be changed, fixed, and/or upgraded before your home is listed. It is amazing what a little paint, a few nails, some spackle, and a weekend of sweat equity can do for a house.

However, never take on more than you can handle. If needed, hire a professional to do the maintenance because a home with substandard repairs or noticeable issues always gives buyers the wrong impression. If your home looks good and has no noticeable defects, it always tells interested buyers their investment will not be wasted.

Like all real estate markets, yours is competitive, so give your home its best opportunity to sell by ensuring you avoid the 3 mistakes above. When your home is priced right, is in good condition, and your Realtor has maximized the marketing, it has every opportunity to sell. Happy listing and selling!

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