Meridian Village: A Great Meridian Attraction

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If you walk into the middle of the new Meridian Village, you will immediately see the centerpiece of the Village- the fountain. This majestic fountain has the capacity to shoot 60 feet in the air, with each powerful spout of water, the fountain creates beauty and life. Every hour the fountain plays a choreographed show full of music and colorful lights. Surrounding this fountain are several masterfully created statues of sculpted artwork. Meant to inspire imagination, these statues bring out the theme of the wonder that can be found in childhood. When asked about the fountain, the main organizer of the village, Hugh Crawford said, “It’s the most technologically advanced dancing, choreographed water fountain in the world.”

Next to the fountain is a playground. This play area brings more fun. This winter, there is an outdoor skating rink right next to it. This is the first outdoor skating rink in Meridian. With the purpose of adding to the joys that come with winter, the ice skating rink, in this environment, is an experience.

Outside, in the cold winter air, there may be a few times where you want to get warm but don’t necessarily want to leave. Well, there are two solutions to this problem! The first solution is the several available shelters around the village. They keep you warm but with the several windows it still feels like you are in the park. The second solution are the gas fire pits surrounding the fountain, in order to keep warm. These are such good ideas--the village is full of fun little things.

Restaurant TablesThe buildings around the fountain were built in a European-style architecture. There is nothing else in Idaho quite like the Village, which brings a class that Meridian hasn't seen before. To contribute to the high-end, exciting feel of the village, there is a variety of fine cafes and restaurants around the park. These dine outs are a great way to spend an evening.

Surrounding the open door area are stores of every kind. If your idea of a good time is to shop, the Village is the place for you. This first-class lifestyle shopping center was built in the same style as CenterCal’s award winning Bridgeport Village lifestyle center. All around the Village are several popular stores for clothing, jewelry, and much more. There is movie-watching and game-playing options available for those looking for some more excitement.

This year when you have the opportunity to visit Meridian, make a stop by the Meridian Village and stay for a while--those with homes nearby can return again and again. Search for the perfect Meridian home, if interested. For just an hour or for a full day, the Village is a great place to have an enjoyable experience.

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