New Electronic Signature Technology Streamlines Real Estate


Realtors, have you heard of Instanet Solutions?They offer a number of products specifically designed to bring a new level of convenience to your life.

One such product is called Authentisign, a fast and convenient way to get e-signatures from your clients without having to drive across town or coordinate times to get a simple legal signature.

In today's world it's all about reducing costs and expenses, and of course, doing whatever we can to save time and energy-and we love going paperless. One of the best ways to succeed with all of this is having the ability to get your forms signed over the internet. Faxing and scanning and driving all over the place is a thing of the past, or it ought to be. Authentisign allows you to quickly email documents over to your clients, agents, title companies, lenders or any party who needs to review what you have or sign it.

Worried about it getting done right? The software allows for a fast process and a short turnaround time with the guarantee that your client cannot sign the wrong dotted line or miss one. Authentisign only permits the client to sign where you've predetermined. As the agent, all you have to do is select the documents you want sent to your client, select the order in which you want the client to sign the documents and determine the exact place you want a signature. All signature blocks must be signed in order for the documents to be complete. Once it's all said and done, your client will receive an executed copy in their inbox, and you can then view and work with the documents from any internet connection.

 Authentisign uses "drop and drag" technology so you can easily create "signing blocks." All you have to do is add the signers to your document, add the document, and mark where the signatures should go. It's compatible with any device, including your iPad, tablet, smartphone, Mac and PC.

The cool thing about Authentisign is that it works the way signing does face to face. Go ahead and add reviewers as well as the signers so you and attorneys can go over documents before they are sent off to be signed.

The software is user-friendly, supported by a helpline, available for multiple file types, affordable, and FHA approved.

The Scoop on E-Signatures

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, or the UETA, was developed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to enable a legal boundary for the use of electronic signatures. Records in government and in business transactions with the use of electronic signatures are as legal as paper and physically signed documents. The UETA provides a legal basis for electronic signatures, and in turn for a greener, paperless and less stressful transaction.


Other Products for Agents

Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology, and their various real estate focused products include a wide variety of integrated technology solutions designed to make the life of real estate agents and Realtors easier. The company works across the U.S. as well as Canada and delivers enterprise-grade solutions to Realtor Associations, leading MLS', both large and small businesses and agents.

If you're looking for ways to maximize performance, the products Instanet Solutions offers is worth looking into. Since 1992, the company has widened its offerings to a number of unique product lines, each designed with the Realtor in mind. The company offers:

TransactionDesk allows you to manage all your listings, sales and leases online. Access and manage your real estate forms, contracts, documents, calendars and contact information from any internet active computer.

Instanet Forms is an extensive database of forms where you can easily select and customize the ones you want without the hassle of a large download. You'll love the Quick Start Groups feature that crafts your own forms packages, and comes complete with a network of commonly used clauses and stipulations. You can add personal or brokerage-specific clauses.

DocBox and DocBox2Go is an online document management and storage system. It's awesome. All you need is the internet, and you'll have 24/7 complete access to your documents from any computer anywhere. Enjoy unlimited document storage for your important forms and easily upload them via fax, email or even "print" them into the system. DocBox2Go allows you to access your files using your smartphone.

InstanetFax puts a whole new face on faxing. It lets you enjoy easy internet faxing from your email or a fax machine that sends directly to your email. After creating an InstanetFax cover sheet provided by a simple PDF form, Instanet turns the fax into an email and includes the documents as PDF attachments.

Quick, easy and powerful convenience is here, and Authentisign is one of the impressive ways you can amp up your client's experience!

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