Making the Most of Property Ownership


Okay, so you have some land. Now what will you do with it? Properties for sale look so inviting when you are in the middle of an emotional home-buying experience, but once you move in, you have some decisions to make. How you convert your land purchases into the perfect properties for your future will be determined by your needs, your resources, and your determination. The possibilities are endless!

Land in the city

First things first. Is your land in the country or within the city limits? The answer to this simple question will determine how much further you can go with your ideas for your land. Some city or near-city landowners merely use their properties for a buffering effect to keep out noise and maintain some privacy for themselves and their families. Planting trees is a common practice for landowners in this situation, but there are other possibilities as well.

How much land do you have?

house_near_hills2_sm_302If the properties for which you are trying to plan are relatively small, creative landscaping may be all that is required to make the most of your situation and be content with your surroundings. If the properties for which you are planning consist of many acres, have you considered subdividing the land and making a profit? Have you checked your city and county for commercial zoning to see if a multiple land use permit is available? Many landowners purchase their property for the sole purpose of turning a profit.

Rural properties

Chances are good that if you have purchased land outside the city limits, you already have an idea about what to do with it. If there are CC&R's associated with your property, be sure to read them before making too many plans. It is wise to have an attorney or real estate professional help you decipher the restrictions outlined in the documents provided to you.

What goals do you have in mind for your rural setting?

What is your purpose in having acreage? Is it aesthetic in nature or for a more practical function? Enjoying the properties you have obtained is a lot of hard work. The task of maintaining alone can be daunting and time consuming. Landscaping, if applicable, can help make your land look good and retain its value. If you have a sizable amount of land, it will be important for you to know how you will maintain it, and who can help.

Animals are also a common way to use land in a rural community. Horses and cattle need much room to roam and feed, as well as a place to get out of the weather. Be sure the covenants on your land do not restrict out-buildings or structures that can be both practical and aesthetic in nature; structures you will need to maintain your lifestyle choices.

While the choices you make regarding land ownership will affect today, they will also determine its value in the future. Wise decisions will only enhance the value of your property and help to further your success in the real estate market.

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