Making the Compromise: Your Next Idaho Home

Boise HomeWe are your specialized authority when it comes to homes in western Idaho for sale, and no matter which corner of the area you're looking to purchase in, one of our agents is equipped with the best set of tools to get you exactly what you require. To get started on your search today call our 24/7 on-call agent!

There's no limit to our Idaho real estate expertise and know-how, and with our many years of experience and roster of successes, you're in the hands of Idaho's most capable real estate professionals.

Take the time to sit down at your table, a coffee or a coke nearby, and make a list of all the things you want and need out of your next Idaho home. It can be a long list. Why not. Make it a huge list. Dream big and hope big. There's a lot out there, and even if your budget has always tended to keep you from having all the things you want out of your house, we will work to get you as close as possible. We encourage you to keep an open mind as well. Sometimes, in real estate, well...always in real estate, compromises must be made. The only time they aren't is if you have money on your side. Most of us don't, so we have to get creative. Sometimes we choose to take some really great things with some things we'd rather do without. It all depends on which outweighs the other.

If you and your agent find your dream home, outfitted with everything you wanted-2 car garage, fenced yard, upstairs patio and wooden floors-but it falls outside the commute time you wanted, you'll be faced with a situation where some heavy compromise will have to be made. That is, if you feel the extra commute time will be worth that upstairs patio, where you imagine yourself writing that long anticipated novel you've been waiting to write. Your agent can search for homes within the exact parameters you set, but it might be worth your while to push the boundaries and do some exploring.

Boise homeIt's entirely up to you which areas possess wiggle room and which don't, but if you look outside the "safe zone" you may be surprised at what you find, especially if your next home purchase is going to be a keeper. Growing up in a country home with all the finest amenities and gadgetries imaginable, I knew the cost of living so many miles outside of the city. Though every memory of those long, quiet walks while the sun set in the summer and the afternoons sitting on the banks of the canal outweigh the half hour drive into town, more than can possibly be described.

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