Make Your Fence Stand Out


Here in the Boise area, a lot yards and property lines are marked by fences. Most of these are either wood, or chain-link. If you want to make your home have a little more curb appeal, you may consider making a new fence. Here are two great ideas that might be right for you.

If you like a little more of a unique look to your fence, you may consider making it out of Bamboo. Bamboo is a very inexpensive building material and can be found at a lot of different hardware stores. Now, depending on what type of bamboo fence you want to make will dictate how many pieces you'll need to buy.

The simplest method of making a bamboo fence would be to first buy sturdy pieces of wood to be your fence posts-- these will be placed about every five feet or so around the perimeter of your property. Next you will need to buy the appropriate amount of bamboo to line them up side by side between the fence posts. You will then need two pieces of wood (or more bamboo) for each section of fence that will span the length between fence posts-- they will brace the bamboo and prevent it from falling over. (If you make sure all these braces are the same length-- five feet-- it will make your job a lot easier later)

Bamboo FenceConstructing the bamboo fence is a bit difficult. The brittle nature of the bamboo will prevent you from using a drill and screws; so twine lashings will be needed to hold the bamboo in place. The first Thing you will want to do is to lie the pieces that will span the length between the fence posts-- and serve as bracers-- on the ground, parallel to each other about three feet apart for each section of fence. Next, lie the bamboo pieces perpendicular to, and on top of the bracers you just laid down from left to right. Make sure that the bottom of the bamboo is straight on one side-- this will serve as the base of the fence, so you will want it to be flat. Next you will take the twin and lash each piece of bamboo to the bracers. You will then do this for each section of fence in your yard.

Once you have each section of fence made, you then will install the fence posts. Again, these should be strong pieces of wood that are the same length, or longer, than your bamboo. To install them, you'll need to dig a hole about foot or so down, big enough for the fence post. Then you will need to fill the whole back in. (If you want it to be more secure: fill the hole with cement). Then repeat this process with each of the fence posts, making sure to place them the same distance apart (five feet).

Now that you have the fence posts in, you can begin attaching the sections of fence. To do this you will stand the section of fence up between two fence posts. Then you will need to lash the first and last bamboo pieces to the fence posts next to them. Then you will do this with each section of fence until it is completed.

For the finishing touch you can cut all the bamboo to be the same length with a pair of pruning shears, or you can leave them all different lengths for a more natural look.

If you want to use a more permanent material for lashing, you can use rope, leather, or paracord. These will probably hold up better to the rain and wind.

Stone and Wood
The first step to making a stone and wood wall is to dig a trench along the path where the fence used to be. The trench doesn't need to be too deep, maybe, at max, six inches. Next you will need to get two inch pvc pipes that will be the same width as the wall. Lie these down every two feet in the trench. this will make sure that water can escape from your yard and not flood.

Next, you will place six foot tall fence posts every five feet. Then, the foundation of the wall needs to be set. This can be done with large stones or bricks that are flat on one side. Place the flat side of the stones in the dirt until you have a laid down the entire foundation. (You may also considering using a bit of cement under this foundation to further add to the security of the wall's foundation.) Now you will go around and make the next layer of the wall by placing a small bit of mortar on the stone and placing it on top of the foundation piece and then placing the new piece down. Do this until your wall is no taller than waist high-- any higher than that and it will be difficult to make a safe structure.

Lastly, you can construct a normal fence on top of the stone. This will give you the privacy you need, but make the fence look more unique and aesthetically pleasing.

These are two different ideas that you can use to make your fence the coolest on the block. Good luck in your endeavors and remember to take all the safety precautions necessary.

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