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Luscious Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is important when someone owns a house and Idaho home owners are no exception. Following are some lawn care tips in general and some specifically for Idaho real estate so a yard is a nice retreat, not an overly demanding chore.
Green Goodness

When To Water
The best time to water is early in the morning. This is true in the spring and summer regardless of climate. How early in the morning depends on how fast the temperature rises. 

The grass needs time to absorb the water before it evaporates, so watering during the scorching time of the day is out. More water will evaporate into the air than be absorbed, wasting the money spent on a higher water bill. Those that live in hot areas, should water their lawn as soon after dawn as possible. 

Evening watering is more convenient to most people but it can cause a lawn to become unhealthy. During the cooler temperatures of the night, the water will remain on the plants longer. This might sound good. However, two threats to a beautiful yard are rotting vegetation and fungus. Both of these flourish in cool damp conditions.

Directing The Grass 
Most people do not want to be outside every day pulling up grass shoots that have grown into a nice walkway. On the other hand, bald patches in a lawn make the entire area look worse. Most new Idaho home buyers are not going to know what kind of grass is already planted so matching it would be a challenge. However, since different types of grass grow fine side by side, matching existing grass isn't an issue. 

Different types of grass grow in different ways and spread at different speeds. Bunch types of grass grow 
in clumps and they spread very slowly. So, these types of grasses are not a good option for quickly filling in an ugly bald spot. However, these are perfect for planting along contoured pathways. Their slow growth keeps the pathways looking nice with less weeding.
Spreading types of grass do just what their names say they do. They spread and they do so quickly. So, these types are good for a nice full luxurious expanse of green. However, for Idaho yards with winding pathways and clean contoured lines of greenlike many Meridian, Idaho yards, its best to avoid this type unless the goal is to be outside every day pulling up new stalks.
Grass for Idaho Weather
Summer Flowers
Due to Idaho's weather, any grass that is not tolerant to cold should
 be avoided. Otherwise, the entire lawn dies during the winter and the Idaho home owner is put to the expense and trouble of growing a brand new lawn from scratch every summer. 
The most commonly used grasses are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and fine fescue. All of these plants are tolerant of the cold. Spring and Fall are their best growing season. They grow slower in the heat so they require less mowing during the Idaho Summers.
Kevin Hughes

1 Response to "Luscious Lawn Care Tips"

lawn maintenance Phoenix wrote: Homes with lawns can sure become greener and healthier if their owners consider these basic tips. Although there are plants that can thrive on their own, it is of course better to provide them with tender, loving care that the plants will surely appreciate. In the long run, the grass and plants will be able to give unmatched joy to the house owners.

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 1:50am.

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