Outdoor Spruce-Ups That'll Save Your Budget

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What’s a great summer project for your new home?  Sprucing up your yard and garden, of course!  There are tons of great ways to revamp your yard and your garden which will get your you outside, working together, spending quality time, being creative, and having a great time while increasing the beauty of your home.

Here are some low-budget, easy ideas to spruce up the outdoor space in your new home:

Idaho Koi Pond

 Pond Anyone?

 Do you who like fish? Have an educational experience and an opportunity to develop skills in nurturing animals with a koi or goldfish pond in your backyard.  Koi ponds and water features are cool, trendy additions to your home and can serve multiple purposes. In addition, they create the soothing sound of a  babbling brook to help you unwind in the evenings.

Draw The Line

Want to define your yard and give it some structure?  Do you have a patio set that seems to just sit in the middle of nowhere?  Rock paths and patios can help break up the overall area of your yard to give it some depth and interest, as well as providing a defining area for patio sets and flowerbeds. You can also try using a deck or a fence outlining your yard or even just around your garden.

There are many options to create an outdoor space that will not only please the eye, but the ear as well. Use your space to create an outdoor haven in your own backyard. This way if you don't have time to go explore the famous Idaho outdoors, you can enjoy it from home!

Kevin Hughes

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