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Freshly graduated and ready to tackle the world? Many job hunters find themselves asking the question, "Which comes first - a dream-town or a dream-job?" Is it easier to first find a great place to live, and then look for a job? Should your career take precedence over your place of residence? To narrow down the right answer for your particular situation, you may want to consider these two tips.

Survey the Local Job Market
Regardless of whether you're a baby-faced college grad or a more experienced worker who has recently become unemployed, many individuals looking for a new job consider moving to find a new position. In addition to more lucrative job markets, different communities may offer a higher standard of living, more opportunities for career growth, or options for furthering one's training and education. It's important to consider all of these factors when contemplating a big move.
While big cities like New York or Los Angeles appear attractive to many job hunters, such cities come with intense competition for a limited-supply of jobs. You may want to consider options in smaller communities that still offer that "big city" feel. For example, Boise is smaller than some metropolitan areas, but it's economy is one of the largest and most vibrant in the Pacific Northwest. Home to many multinational corporations and businesses, Boise has less competition for great jobs, but also offers enviable positions to job hunters. An added bonus is the lower cost of real estate in Idaho, in comparison to many other places across the nation.

Consider Your Living Expenses
It may be enjoyable to live in a large city, but if you're scraping by on minimum wage or a small salary, your living expenses can quickly derail your fun. Do some research and determine what the average salary is for someone with your level of expertise and training in your local area. You'll also want to create a mock budget to see just how far your dollar will go in your new environment.

If you'll be purchasing a home, a smaller community will offer more attractive prices. Furthermore, you'll 

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likely get more value for your purchase. Boise property values can be quite high in relation to their asking price. Eagle real estate and Meridian properties, located in the suburbs of Boise, can also offer great value.

Searching for a new job and home doesn't necessarily mean making a trade off between a dream occupation and a great city. By considering lively communities with great job prospects, you'll no doubt find something that is the perfect fit for what you're looking for!

Kevin Hughes

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