Lofty Lofts

Great Room and Loft

Lofts are great. If your home has a loft and you haven’t started using the space up there, you are missing out. The great thing about most lofts vs. typical attics is the fact that lofts are usually already insulated and finished. This means less work for you as far as preparations go.

There are many ideas out there for what you can do with your loft. We've listed some here that might be interesting to you, but in the end it is up to you what you need or want. Remember to do safety inspections before you do anything with a loft to make sure it will hold your weight, if it can’t support you, stop and have someone help you make it weight bearing.

One thing you can do with your loft is to turn it into a little private library. With a couple bookshelves and a couch or bean bag chair, you can have a great place for you to scamper off to and read when occasion permits. This idea is great for those book lovers that want a library but don’t have an extra room to spare. You may also want to put a couple of extra lamps just in case the lighting isn't as good up there as you thought.

For this idea, whether there is lighting or not is not really an issue because there is a great likelihood that you’ll be asleep. A napping or relaxing area is a great use of a loft. Sometimes you want to get away and relax, but you don’t want to go to your bed. This way, your loft transforms into a secret hiding place almost. You’ll want to make sure that you have a nice day bed or futon up there to relax on-- that and some comfy pillows and blankets. (If you want to go pro mode you could buy some sleeping music and glow-in-the-dark stars for your relaxing loft.)

Looking up to a LoftAlong the same lines as the previous suggestion, you could also turn your loft into a guest bedroom. You don’t need to make it a full bedroom unless you really want to, but it is handy to have an extra bed for when company comes calling.

Lofts are also great for storage. If you use your loft for storage it will keep things out of the way and close at hand. Not to mention if you store important documents or family heirlooms up there, they are less likely to be damaged in a flood. With a couple of organizers and some shelves, you can maximize your loft space and have everything you need safe and close. You can also store food. If you are saving a little food for a rainy day, the loft would be a great place for it. (Unless your roof leaks…)

A lot of people turn their lofts into work rooms. You can drag your desk and computer up there for a private place to do your work with a birds eye few of the rest of the house. This way, you can have that home office without taking up any other rooms in the house. It would work for office goers, writers, painters, musicians and more.

If you like to listen to your favorite tunes, a music loft might be for you. You can put in some great speakers, headphones, monitors and more. And just like that, you have an awesome place to relax and enjoy the music.

Those of you who like to garden, have you thought about making your loft into a greenhouse? With container planting you can have a garden anywhere-- even the loft. All you need are a few containers and trays and you can garden inside like a pro. Just make sure they get enough sun light.

Remember when you are doing any and all of these things with your loft: safety first. Make sure that the loft can bear weight and do what is necessary to make it so. Also, make sure you have a safe way to get up and down from your loft. Make a good staircase or use a sturdy ladder. Lastly, make sure that there are any needed guardrails. You can use gates or wooden planks or really anything to make a guardrail, just make sure that there you won’t fall off.

We hope that you liked these ideas. There are many more out there, you've just got to be creative. For more information about home renovations and decor and to learn about the great houses that are available in Boise check out

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