Large and In Charge: Idaho's Biggest Cities!

Downtown Boise

Tantalizing retail displays in storefront windows...the hustle and bustle of shoppers amid a  buzz of activity, warm sunset colors reflecting from tall skyscraper windows, and the aroma of delectable food wafting from busy eateries... all examples of a metropolitan Idaho experience which may surprise some out of state visitors. In Idaho, its simply a matter of determining how much and what kind of big city life you are looking for.

Relocating to Idaho can be an eye opening & rewarding experience for anything. For folks interested in big city amenities with plenty of activity while still cherishing a “small town” friendly atmosphere, there is no better place than Idaho.  So, we thought it would be fun to share our top 5 Idaho cities and share some of what they have to offer. 

Below are five of Idaho's largest cities that still embody small-town notions:

#1 – Boise

The largest city in Idaho, Boise's population is approximately 205,707 as of July 2009. This city offers more than 100 parks, year-round events for young and old, and six community outdoor pools for summer enjoyment. The median house/condo value as of 2009 was $193,900, and the median asking price for Boise homes as of June 2011 was $159,900.
#2 – Nampa
Nampa's population as of July 2009 hangs around 81,241 and is an area of steady growth. Nampa real estate is ready for continued additions to their community. They offer 25 parks, five trails, and a 140,000 square foot recreation center for fun activity—including aquatics, racquetball, and a gym. The median house/condo value as of 2009 was $136,300. The median asking price for Nampa homes as of 2010 was estimated at $169,235.
#3 – Meridian
Meridian homes have seen some growth since July 2009, with population estimates between 68,516 in 2009 and 75,092 as of 2011. Meridian accommodates its residents with 17 parks, trails, and year-round events. The median house/condo value as of 2009 was $196,400. The median asking price for Meridian homes as of 2010 was $187,293.
#4 – Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls is home to around 56,813 residents as of 2010, which is a slight increase since July 2009 which was estimated at 55,312. With 30 parks in the area, an aquatic center, activity center, and recreation center, and public golf courses, this is an ideal area for anyone. The median house/condo value as of 2009 was $149,152. The median asking price for Idaho Falls homes as of 2010 was $151,678.
#5 – Pocatello
The population of Pocatello as of July 2009 was estimated at 55,076. Municipal golf courses, a zoo, aquatic complex, and 30 parks and an ice rink offer plenty to do for people of all ages. The median house/condo value as of July 2009 was $126,682. The median asking price for Pocatello homes as of 2010 was $145,162.

Boise City Hall

Other cities in Idaho that have just as much to offer, and hit the top ten largest cities in Idaho, but didn't quite make the top five are Caldwell, at 46,237; Coeur d'Alene, at 44,137; Twin Falls, at 44,125; Lewiston, at 31,894, and Lewiston Orchards, at 31,422.
Idaho is growing steadily with poeple relocating to the area. With it's small-town atmosphere and bustling activity, there is an everlasting appeal to Idaho living and lifestyle.

Kevin Hughes

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